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2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 2 Carbon Business Scenarios and Communities’ Choices Under REDD+ in Lindi Rural District, Tanzania Abstract
B. J. Temu, J. M. Abdallah, J. F. Kessy, G. C. Monela
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 4 Carbon Emissions and Baltic Dry Index; A Different Approach for Environmental Kuznets Curve Abstract
E. Zafeiriou, N. Sariannidis, N. Kalogeridis, E. Drimbetas
2011, Volume 23, Number F11 Catastrophic Risks with Finite or Infinite States Abstract
Graciela Chichilnisky
2006, Volume 6, Number 3 (F06) Charles Perrings: An Appreciation Abstract
Partha Dasgupta
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 3 C(α) Expressions for Split Gaussian Frequency Trend with Illustration to Check Global Warming Abstract
Ramalingam Shanmugam
2013, Volume: 29, Issue Number: 2 Classification of River Water Quality using Fuzzy Multiplications: A Case of Malaysia Abstract
Lazim Abdullah, Syazwani Che Wan
Winter 2007, Volume 7, Number W07 Climate Change and Extreme Events: an Assessment of Economic Implications Abstract
Alvaro Calzadilla, Francesco Pauli, Roberto Roson
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 Climate Change and Fishing: Analysing Fishermen’s Viewpoint Abstract
Sibananda Senapati, Vijaya Gupta
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 4 Coastal Environmental Degradation and Ecosystem Management in the Ganges Deltaic Region in Bangladesh Abstract
Shafi Noor Islam, Sandra Reinstädtler, Albrecht Gnauc
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 2 Combining Indicators of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions: EKC in India Abstract
Vijaya Gupta, Utkarsh Yadav
Fall 2009, Volume 15, Number F09 Comparing Rainfall and Discharge Trends in Karkhe Basin, Iran Abstract
Saeid Eslamian, Mohammad Javad Khordadi
2022, Volume: 43, Issue Number: 3 Comparison of performance of different statistical machine learning algorithms to predict Child Survival status in North-Eastern states of India Abstract
Inaobi Elangbam, Salam Shantikumar Singh
Fall 2007, Volume 9, Number F07 Compatibility between Fractional Hamiltonian Formalisms Abstract
Pierre Inizan
Fall 2009, Volume 15, Number F09 Complements and Substitutes in Public Service Provision: A Two-Stage Hedonic Model for Demand for School Quality, Neighborhood Safety and Environmental Quality Abstract
Gandhi R Bhattarai, Diane Hite, David M Brasington
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 1 Computation of Kovanic’s Expectedness Distributions with the Help of Parallel Computing – Basic Version (with Special References of Health and Environment) Abstract
J. Knizek, L. Beranek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, M. Kuba, L. Pavliska, V. Prochazka
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 1 Congestion control of data network by using anti-windup approach Abstract
2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4 Connectivity Problem of Wildlife Conservation in Sumatra: A Graph Theory Application Abstract
Farida Hanum, Nur Wahyuni, Toni Bakhtiar
2012, Volume: 27, Issue Number: 4 Considerations for Ecological Monitoring of CO2-mediated Enhanced Oil Recovery Abstract
K. A. Roberts, X. Chen
2016, Volume: 37, Issue Number: 4 Consumers or Citizens: How do Respondents Answer a Choice Experiment About Freshwater Management? Abstract
S.A. Miller, C.M. Saunders, P. R. Tait
2011, Volume 20, Number W11 Consumptive Nature-based Recreation in the United States: Welfare Measures from Truncated and Untruncated Count Data Models Abstract
S. Majumdar, Y. Zhang
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 2 Contemporary Marketing Concept as A Component of Sustainable Development of The Region and Rural Areas of Ukraine Abstract
M.O. Lyshenko, L.I. Mykhailova, T. V. Ustik, H. Z. Makhmydov, L.I. Polityakina, О.S. Mykhailova
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 2 Contingent Valuation Study regarding Placing Campus Patrol for Reducing Smoking at a University: Applying Inferred Valuation Approach Abstract
R. Sakurai, T. Uehara
2021, Volume: 42, Issue Number: 1 Control of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by Imposing Environmental Tax: A Mathematical Model Abstract
Niharika Verma, Manju Agarwal
2017, Volume: 38, Issue Number: 3 Convergence of a Continuous-Time Epidemic Model Abstract
Hakim El Boustani, Abdellah Ould khal
2021, Volume: 42, Issue Number: 2 Copula-based Bivariate Model for Association between Lung Disease and Skin Lesion Abstract
Arabinda Das
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 2 Correlation between the Rates and Mortality of Ischemic Heart Disease and Magnesium Concentrations in Ohio Drinking Water Abstract
Nana Y. Acheampong, Isam E. Amin, Alan M. Jacobs
2020, Volume: 41, Issue Number: 1 Correspondence Analysis between the Location and the Leading Causes of Death in the United States Abstract
Rena Sandy H. Baculinao, Roel F. Ceballos
2021, Volume: 42, Issue Number: 2 Cost-Effective Optimal Control Analysis To Co-Infection Model Of Dengue Fever And Typhoid Fever Abstract
N. Marpaung, T. Bakhtiar, Jaharuddin
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) Country-specific Environmental Kuznets Curves in OECD countries. A Cross-Country Time Series Approach Abstract
Roberto Pasten
2021, Volume: 42, Issue Number: 2 COVID-19 in 38 countries: a structural breaks approach Abstract
José Dias Curto
2015, Volume: 36, Issue Number: 4 Curvature Informatics about Medical Errors: Geometric View of Incidence Restricted Poisson Abstract
Ramalingam Shanmugam
2021, Volume: 42, Issue Number: 3 Decentralization, administrative reforms and local government performance: The impact of inter-communality in a pre-crisis time Abstract
Barbara Ermini, Luca Salvati
2013, Volume: 31, Issue Number: 4 Delay dependent robust stabilization of singular systems with additive time-varying delays Abstract
N. Chaibi, E. H. Tissir, A. Hmamed, S. Idrissi
Fall 2007, Volume 9, Number F07 Delay-Dependent Robust Observer and H1 Based Controller Design for Neutral Systems Abstract
Fatima El Haoussi , El Houssaine Tissir
2020, Volume: 41, Issue Number: 1 Demography and Urban Form: Understanding Latent Dynamics of Population Density in Italy Abstract
Gianluigi Salvucci, Ilaria Zambon, Luca Salvati
2012, Volume: 26, Issue Number: 3 Design Principles of Successful Genetic-Resource Commons for Food and Agriculture Abstract
T. Dedeurwaerdere
2013, Volume: 28, Issue Number: 1 Designs Involving Varying Temporal Environments Under Factorial Treatment Structure Abstract
Cini Varghese, Seema Jaggi, Lokesh Dwivedi
2013, Volume: 28, Issue Number: 1 Detecting influences of climatic and fisheries factors in the Gulf of Cádiz using Dynamic Factor Analysis Abstract
L. Castilla Mora, J.J. García del Hoyo
2004, Volume 2, Number D04 Determinants of Children's Schooling for Sustainable Development in a Peculiar Ethnic Setting Abstract
Tanuja Srivastava, Kaushal K. Srivastava
2014, Volume: 34, Issue Number: 3 Determinants of Choice of Cane Furniture as Household Commodity among the Elites Abstract
Edward D. Wiafe, Martin Amoah, Francis Bih
2022, Volume: 43, Issue Number: 2 Determinants of citations in Ecological Economics, 2005 2018 Abstract
M. Ballandonne, I. Cersosimo, C. Fouillet
Spring 2009, Volume 14, Number P09 Determinants of (de-) materialization of an industrialized small open economy Abstract
Michael Getzner
2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4 Determinants of Elephant Crop Raiding around Kakum Conservation Area Abstract
Kofi Osei Adu
2013, Volume: 31, Issue Number: 4 Determinates of Degraded Forest Rehabilitation: Ordered Probit Analysis for Skekela Maraim Forest, Western Ethiopia Abstract
Y. Temesgen, A. Bogale, M. Ketema
2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4 Determination of Willingness to Pay for Entrance fee to National Park: An Empirical Investigation Abstract
Debi Prasad Bal, Seba Mohanty
Fall 2008, Volume 12, Number F08 Development of a Low Flow Early Warning System for the NOAA National Weather Service, USA Abstract
Cody L. Knutson, Sandra Jones, Meghan E. Sittler, Melissa Higgins, Mark D. Svoboda, Doug R. Kluck, Donald A. Wilhite
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) Development of a New Sustainability Index: Adaptation of Ecological Footprint to Decoupling Index Abstract
T. Takahashi, T. Hayashi, M. Yamamoto
2019, Volume: 40, Issue Number: 1 Development of Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Model in Agricultural Land Use and Rural Closed Enhancement in Upper Citarum Basin Abstract
E. Hernawan, A. Sjarmidi, H. Ramdan
2018, Volume: 39, Issue Number: 4 Development of Petang Village in Bali Province as Community Based Ecotourism Village Abstract
N. P. N. E. Lestari, I. B. R. Suardana, M. K. S. Budhi, P. Miartana
Summer 2009, Volume 14, Number S09 Diabetic Risks Assessed Via Logistic Regression Abstract
Ramalingam Shanmugam, Jie Li
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