2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Characterization of fixation des dunes in Djelfa Algeria PDF
S. Akkouche, L. Kadik, N. Guerrache, R. Bouderbala 1-11
Use of Remote Sensing Data in Assessment Land Cover Changes, Land Use Patterns and Land Capabilities in Al-Qassim Region, Saudi Arabia PDF
Yousef Nazzala, Fares M. Howari, Habes Ghrefat, H. A. Kishawy 12-26
Ecological and Economic Security Assessment in the System of Regional Environmental Management: A Case Study of Ukraine PDF
L. F. Sokolenko, I. V. Tiutiunyk, D. V. Leus 27-35
Application of GIS for Flood Zoning Hazard in Shiraz PDF
Mohammad Ebrahim Afifi 36-44
Environmental aspects of circular migration study impact on “back up zones” development in the Russian Arctic macroregion PDF
M. Pitukhina, A. Privara, M. Privarova 45-52
Future runoff under land use and climate changes in the Ubolratana Basin, Thailand PDF
A. Kangrang, H. Prasanchum, R. Hormwichian 53-66
The Influence of Green Open Spaces and Historical Areas on Urban Growth of Banda Aceh, Indonesia: A Case study using the Sim-Weight Method PDF
Ashfa Achmad 67-74
Ecological Modernization of the Transport System in Sumy for Green Growth of Economics PDF
O. V. Shkarupa, O. I. Karintseva, T. A. Zhukova 75-85
Civilization Pyramid Transformation: From Economy of Consumption to Social, Cultural and Environmental Priorities PDF
O.Yu. Patlasov 86-96
Analysis of Weekly Rainfall using Percentile Bootstrap Approach PDF
H. P. T. N. Silva, T. S. G. Peiris 97-106
Tool for the Estimation of Carbon Footprint from Residential Activities PDF
Himani Maheshwari, Kamal Jain 107-118
The analyze of the employees motivation methods in environmentally friendly organizations PDF
Peter Karácsony 119-128