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2005, Volume 3, Number 1 (MA05) A Comparison of Regression, Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Models for Estimating Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Reservoirs Abstract
Ding-Geng Chen, Selçuk Soyupak
2006, Volume 4, Number 2 (S06) A Fuzzy Based Ranking of Dominance among Water Quality Parameters for Modeling: A Case Study Abstract
K.S. Ravichandran, T. Rajaram, Ashutosh Das
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 A GIS Based Grassland Grazing Model: A Case Study of Savadkooh Watershed, Mazandaran Abstract
F. Alishah Arat Boni, H. Arzani, S.A. Javadi, M. Farahpour
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) A Global Stability Result and Existence and Uniqueness of Solution to an Age-Structured SI Epidemic Model with Disease-Induced Mortality and Vertical Transmission of Disease Abstract
M. El-Doma
2006, Volume 4, Number 2 (S06) A Linear Cartesian Coordinate Shallow Water Model for Tsunami Computation along the West Coast of Thailand and Malaysia Abstract
Md. Fazlul Karim, Gauranga Deb Roy, Ahmad Izani M. Ismail, Moh. Ashaque Meah
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1 A Mathematical Model to Analyze the Dependence of Biomass on the Concentration of CO2 Abstract
Sapna Devi, Nivedita Gupta
2008, Volume 9, Number 1 (W08) A MILP Model for Design of Paper Recycling Network Abstract
Rupesh Kumar Pati, Prem Vrat, Pradeep Kumar
2012, Volume 23, Issue Number 3 A model for competition between several size-structured populations Abstract
M. El-Doma
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 A New Modified Sliding Mode Controller Based Fuzzy Logic for A Variable Speed Wind Turbine Abstract
El. M. Mellouli, R. Naoual, I. Boumhidi
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) A New Protected Area Classification for A Coastal China Nature Reserve and Ramsar Site Abstract
Tom Dahmer, Cai Junxin, Maaike Snel, Wim Verheugt
2011, Volume 19, Number 2 (S11) A Pragmatic Approach for Sustainable Development of the Red-Mediterranean-Dead Seas Canal Project: A Case Study Abstract
Mark A. Rosen , Y. Abu. Rukah
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 1 A Re-examination of the Empirical Relationship between Economic Growth and Air Pollution Abstract
Kyriacos Aristotelous
2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1 A Simplified Analytical Solution for Predicting Water Table Fluctuation subjected to Variable Recharge and Variable ET in a Sloping Aquifer Abstract
Surjeet Singh
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 A Spatial Analysis of Determinants of Deforestation in the Mt. Kenya Region, Kenya: 1976-2000 Abstract
Keshav Bhattarai, Henry Wambuii, Fridolin Luchidio
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 A Spatial Analysis of Regional Growth and Environmental Regulations Abstract
C. Nondo, T. Gebremedhin
2007, Volume 8, Number 3 (F07) A Study of Disturbed Soil Cover using Soil Electrical Resistivity and Topographic Data Abstract
V. P. Samsonova, A. I. Pozdnyakov, J. L. Meshalkina
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 A Study of sea water flow interactions in Heterogeneous Porous Media Abstract
N. Djedaidi, F. Z. Nouri
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 A Study on Change in Flow Regime and Discharge Impacts on Water Quality of Hydropower Operation Abstract
Ramesh Prasad Bhatt, Sanjya Nath Khanal
2012, Volume 23, Issue Number 3 A Study on Components of Community Based Management of Urban Open Space Abstract
Bharati Mohapatra
2014, Volume 29, Issue Number 3 A Study on Degradation of Coastal Wetlands using Examples from Greece and Canada Abstract
Costas Armenakis, Niru Nirupama, George Zalidis, Thomas Alexandridis
2012, Volume 21, Issue Number 1 A Study on Distribution of Heavy Metal Contamination in the Vegetables using GIS and analytical technique Abstract
P. K. Srivastava, G. S. Kiran, M. Gupta, N. K. Sharma, K. S. Prasad
2013, Volume 25, Issue Number 2 A Study on Maximization of Land Use with Associated Crops Other Than Tea and Management Abstract
Mohammad Redowan, Akbar Hossain Kanan
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 Activization of Investment Process in the Agrarian Sector Abstract
O.S. Sivash, D. D. Burkaltseva, D. S. Ushakov
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Advances in the robust stabilization of neutral systems with saturating actuators Abstract
F. El Haoussi, E.H. Tissir, F. Tadeo
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 2 Agglomeration Economies, Industrial Structure and Related Variety: A Reflection Based on a Metropolitan Case Study Abstract
I. Zambon, L. Salvati
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1 Agriculture in the Baltic States; An Empirical Investigation of the Environmental – Economic Performance Relationship Abstract
D. Gkika, E. Zafeiriou
2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 3 Allometric Models for Estimating Biomass of Persea Bombycina Kost. Agroforestry Aystem of Assam Abstract
T. Upadhyay, P.P. Baruah
2005, Volume 3, Number 3 (F05) Alsat-1 Data In Support Of the Priority Actions Program for Coastal Area Abstract
Mokhtar GUERFI
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 2 Alternative Building Materials Analysis for Different Residential Buildings Considering Embodied Energy and Material Cost Abstract
Aniket Sharma, Bhanu M. Marwaha
2010, Volume 17, Number 3 (F10) Amino Acids Status in Iranian Rice (Oryza sativa L.) as Affected by Different Salt Compositions Abstract
M. R. Momayezi, A. R. Zaharah, M. M. Hanafi, Mohd Razi
2012, Volume 23, Issue Number 3 An alternative baiting method of Yellow Crazy Ants (Anoplolepisgracilipes) on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean Abstract
P. Le C. F. Stewart, G. Richards, A. Bernard, L. R. Brown
2009, Volume 13, Number 2 (S09) An Analysis of Community Dependence and Forest Management Abstract
G. Mythili, C.S. Shylajan
2011, Volume 18, Number 1 (W11) An Analysis of Water Quality of Thol Bird Sanctuary, Inland Wetlands Abstract
Jessica P. Karia, Kauresh D. Vachhrajani, Pranav Pandya
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 2 An Automatic Control System of the Flotation Process for The Reduction of Water Pollution Abstract
Anna Antonyová, Peter Antony, Endra Joelianto
2006, Volume 5, Number 3 (F06) An Econometric Analysis of the Socio-economic Factors Affecting the Adoption and Success of Accounting Information Systems in Small Businesses Abstract
Linda A. Bressler, Martin S. Bressle, Justo R. Manrique
2015, Volume 30, Issue Number 2 An Empirical Investigation of how Sensitive Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions per Capita is to Changes in Livestock Production Abstract
Kyriacos Aristotelous
2014, Volume 28, Issue Number 2 An Environmental Decision-Support System Based On Sustainability for Evaluating Alternatives of A Road Project Abstract
Siby John, Umesh Sharma
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 4 An Optimal Harvesting Policy for the Two Prey Species in a Three Species Ecological Model Abstract
T. Vidyanath, Narayan K. Lakshmi , Shahnaz Bathul
2008, Volume 9, Number 1 (W08) Analysis of Land Use and Land Use Change in North-Eastern Germany with Application of Geographic Information System Abstract
Igbekele. A. Ajibefun
2012, Volume 22, Issue Number 2 Analysis of Nearshore Wave Height, Direction and Breaker Angle of Southwest Coast of India Using Visually Observed Data Abstract
P. K. Abdulla, Jishnudas Sanma, E. J. James
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 1 Analysis of Prey-Predator System with Dependent Density and Allee Effect for Prey Abstract
Hui-jie Yan, Yan-bo Zhang
2017, Volume 32, Issue Number 3 Analysis of Weekly Rainfall using Percentile Bootstrap Approach Abstract
H. P. T. N. Silva, T. S. G. Peiris
2016, Volume 31, Issue Number 4 Anthropogenic Influence on Heavy Metals' Content in Natural Flora Abstract
Tatiana L. Egoshina, Lyudmila N. Shikhova, Eugene M. Lisitsyn, Olga L. Voskresenskaya
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 2 Anthropogenic Threats to Bio-Diversity in Gorumara National Park, West Bengal, India Abstract
Mithun Ray, Partha Pratim De, P.K. Ryngnga
2011, Volume 20 (Special), Number 3 (F11) Antibacterial Activity of Thymus Vulgaris L. (Thyme) From Leaf Extracts – A Medicinal Plant Abstract
Samiayah Chitra, Louis de Gonzague SEBAREZE
2006, Volume 4, Number 1 (W06) (Anticipated) Climate Change Impacts on Australia Abstract
P.Le C.F. Stewart, SR Vemuri
2018, Volume 33, Issue Number 2 Anti-windup design for state delayed discrete-time systems with input saturation Abstract
2007, Volume 7, Number 2 (S07) Application of Artificial Neural Network-Based Approach for Calculating Dissolved Oxygen Profiles in Kapulukaya Dam Reservoir Abstract
İlhami Tüzün, Selçuk Soyupak, Özlem İnce, Gökben Başaran
2014, Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Application of Calcium Carbide for Reduction of Dust Release in Port Complexes Abstract
S. Kovshov, A. Erzin, V. Kovshov
2010, Volume 15, Number 1 (W10) Application of Ciliates Population Dynamics and Physico-Chemical Variables in the Assessment of Pollution in an Equatorial Water System Abstract
Ajeagah Gideon A., Foto Menbohan S., Njine Thomas
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