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2013 Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Generalization of Superiority of Fuzzy Controllers over Mathematical Modeling of EEG Signals Abstract
P. N. Kamble, S. C. Mehrotra, M. B. Dhakne
2011, Volume 12, Number S11 Generalized r-Permutation and r-Combination Techniques for k-Inseparable Non-Inclusion Condition Abstract
C. Moore, M. Laisin, O. C. Okoli
2012, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistic Regression Model Abstract
Purhadi, M. Rifada, S. P. Wulandari
2013 Volume 18, Issue Number 1 Geometric Approaches of projection Theory in Three Dimensional Euclidean spaces Abstract
Sahar Mohamed Ali
2013 Volume 20, Issue Number 3 Geometrically Deriving Fractional Cross Product and Fractional Curl Abstract
Shantanu Das
September 2009, Volume 4, Number S09 Global Adomian Stability for Nonlinear Differential Equations of Separable Variables Abstract
A. EL-Nahhas, I.A. Abdallah
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 3 Global behaviour of a food chain model consisting of two different predator species Abstract
Nijamuddin Ali, Santabrata Chakravarty
2012, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 Global Exponential Stability Results for Delayed Neural Networks with Impulsive Perturbations Abstract
Guanghui Sun, Diwang Lin, Chunming Zhang
2014 Volume 22, Issue Number 1 Global well-posedness for the MCTDHF equations Abstract
Saber Trabelsi
2014 Volume 25, Issue Number 4 Global well-posedness of the 2D incompressible Boussinesq Equation with partial dissipation Abstract
Dhanapati Adhikari
December 2010, Volume 9, Number D10 (Special Volume) Guest Editorial Board for This Special Volume Abstract
Verdiana Grace Masanja
November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08 Haar wavelet method for solving higher order differential equations Abstract
Ulo Lepik
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 Hamiltonian-t*-Laceability in the Cartesian Product of Paths Abstract
P. Gomathi, R. Murali
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 2 Homotopy Analysis Method for solving Counter current imbibition phenomena of the time positive fractional type arising in heterogeneous porous media Abstract
V. P. Gohil, Ramakanta Meher
June 2009, Volume 3, Number J09 Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving Tenth Order Boundary Value Problems Abstract
A. Barari, M. Omidvar, T. Najafi, Abdoul R. Ghotbi
June 2009, Volume 3, Number J09 How To Deal With Missing Covariates In Logistic Regression? A Bayesian Approach Abstract
Gh. Jandaghi, K. Azam, M. Karimlou, R. Wolfe, A. Forbes, K. Mohammad, M.R. Meskhani, S. Nedjat
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 HSAOR Iterative Method for the Finite Element Solution of 2D Poisson Equations Abstract
M. K. M. Akhir, J. Sulaiman
2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume) Hyers-Ulam Stability of Weighted Composition Operators on Disc Algebra Abstract
Hamid Vaezi
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 3 Hyperbolic Sine-Weibull Distribution And Its Applications Abstract
Omid Kharazmi, Ali Saadatinik, Mostafa Tamandi
2013 Volume 20, Issue Number 3 Impact of Data Structure on the Estimators R-Square and Adjusted R-Square in Linear Regression Abstract
A. Y. J. Akossou, R palm
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 3 Impact of luminal flow on mass transport through coronary arteries : a study relevant to drug-eluting stent Abstract
Ramprosad Saha, Sarifuddin, J. C. Misra, Prashanta Kumar Mandal
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 3 Improved Estimators of Population Mean for Missing data in Stratified Random Sampling Abstract
Ajeet Kumar Singh
2013 Volume 19, Issue Number 2 Improved Generalized Interval Arithmetic Abstract
Hassan El-Owny, A.E.A. Elaraby
2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume) Impulsive Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with S-Type Distributed Delays and Reaction-Diffusion Terms Abstract
Haydar Akça, Valéry Covachev, Zlatinka Covacheva
2014 Volume 25, Issue Number 4 Inequalities involving the coefficients of a polynomial Abstract
Gérard Kientega, Salifou Nikiema
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