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2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 1 Almost Unbiased Estimation Procedures of Finite Population Mean Under Non-Response in Sample Surveys Abstract
G. N. Singh, S. Suman, M. Khetan
2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume) An antiplane contact problem for electro-viscoelastic materials with long-term memory Abstract
Mohamed DALAH
November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08 An Association Scheme Constructed from the Mc-Laughlin Graph Abstract
Pratima Panigrahi
2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 2 An Asymmetric Probability Model for Circular data: Wrapped Erlang distribution with Application to Blue Periwinkles Abstract
S. Roy, M. A. S. Adnan, K. Sultana
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 4 An Ecological Model of Mutualism Interaction between Two Species and a Predator Abstract
Y.Suresh Kumar, N. Seshagiri Rao, K. Kalyani
2020 Volume 31, Issue Number 2 An Efficient and Secure Group Key Transfer Protocol based on Linear Secret Sharing Scheme Abstract
Shruti Nathani, B.P. Tripathi
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 4 An Efficient and Simple Approach to Extract Features for Facial Expression Recognition Abstract
M. V. Jonnalagedda, D. D. Doye
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 An Efficient Method for Devanagari Character Recognition Abstract
B. R. Bombade, D. D. Doye, U. V. Kulkarni
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 3 An Improved Effective Rotation Patterns Using Successive Sampling over Two-Occasions Abstract
G. N. Singh, M. Khalid
March 2009, Volume 2, Number M09 An Initialization Method for the Bottleneck Transportation Problem Abstract
Francois Dubeau, Oumar Mandione Gueye
2024, Volume 35 An Innovative Method of Prime Number Generation Abstract
U. Das, C. Mehera
2011, Volume 12, Number S11 An Inventory model for deteriorating items with on-hand inventory dependent, variable type demand rate Abstract
Srichandan Mishra, L. K. Raju, U. K. Misra, G. Misra
September 2010, Volume 8, Number S10 An Inventory Model for Product Life Cycle With Defective Items Abstract
S. Panayappan, C. Krishnamoorthi
March 2009, Volume 2, Number M09 An Inversion Formula for the Generalized Flett Potentials Abstract
Sinem Sezer
March 2009, Volume 2, Number M09 An Optimal Workforce Scheduling Policy for Mixture Activities of Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Abstract
Sakon Wongmongkolrit
2014 Volume 25, Issue Number 4 Analysis of a harvested competition model with Holling II functional response Abstract
Yan-bo Zhang , Hui-jie Yan
2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 3 Analysis of customers' impatience in observable single-server Markovian queue with multiple working vacations and vacation interruptions Abstract
Amina Angelika Bouchentouf, Abdeljebbar Kandouci
2021 Volume 32, Issue Number 1 Analysis of Herschel Space Observatory data using missing value techniques Abstract
Sushovon Jana, Chandranath Pal
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 4 Analysis of Reliability Characteristics of Four Dissimilar Solar Photovoltaic Systems Abstract
S. Kabiru, I. Yusuf, U.A. Ali
2014 Volume 24, Issue Number 3 Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Model for Sprint Ability Abstract
Bing Zhang, Weiqi Jiang
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 Analytical Approximate Solutions of Fifth Order More Critically Damped Nonlinear Systems Abstract
Md. Mahafujur Rahaman, M. Abul Kawser
2013 Volume 21, Issue Number 4 Analytical Solution of a Two-Dimensional Transient Parabolic Boundary Value Problem subjected to Space and Time Dependent Conditions Abstract
Surjeet Singh
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 4 Analytical Solutions of Fourth Order Critically Damped Nonlinear Oscillatory Systems with Pairwise Equal Complex Eigenvalues Abstract
M. Abul Kawser, Md. Mizanur Rahman, Md. Mahafujur Rahaman
2012, Volume 16, Issue Number 3 Analytical Treatment of the Satellite Motion in a Resisting Medium Abstract
F. A. Abd El-Salam, S. E. Abd El-Bar, A. E. El-Ahamdy
2011, Volume 12, Number S11 Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks to Analyse the Socio Economic Problems Faced By Cotton Mills Workers Abstract
S. Narayanamoorthy, P. Shanmugam
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