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An Improved Effective Rotation Patterns Using Successive Sampling over Two-Occasions

G. N. Singh, M. Khalid


This paper presents the problems of estimations of population mean on the current occasion two-occasion successive sampling. Utilizing the two auxiliary variables (positive and negative correlation of the study variable) and readily available on first and second occasion besides on the study variable from the previous occasion, a class of the estimators has been proposed. Properties and optimum replacement strategy of the proposed estimator have been discussed. The estimator recently suggested by Singh and Homa (International Journal of Statistics and Economics, 12, 3, 26-39, 2013) is a member of the suggested class of estimators. Empirical studies are carried out to show the dominance of the suggested estimator over sample mean estimator when there is no matching, the combined estimator given in Cochran (1977, p. 346) and Singh and Homa (2013) estimator. Results have been analyzed, and recommendations are made to the survey practitioners.


Exponential type of estimator, Successive sampling, auxiliary information, mean square error, optimum replacement policy, efficiency.

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