2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Fixed point theorems for nonlinear integral and differential equations in ordered Banach spaces PDF
Mohammed Said El Khannoussi, Abderrahim Zertiti 1-7
An Improved Effective Rotation Patterns Using Successive Sampling over Two-Occasions PDF
G. N. Singh, M. Khalid 8-22
Hyperbolic Sine-Weibull Distribution And Its Applications PDF
Omid Kharazmi, Ali Saadatinik, Mostafa Tamandi 23-34
Estimating the Population Mean in Stratified Random Sampling using Double Sampling Scheme under Non-Response PDF
Manoj K. Chaudhary, Amit Kumar 35-51
Computation of Kovanic’s Expectedness Distributions with the Help of Parallel Computing – Extended Version I. PDF
J. Knizek, L. Beranek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, M. Kuba, L. Pavliska, V. Prochazka 52-81
Improved Estimators of Population Mean for Missing data in Stratified Random Sampling PDF
Ajeet Kumar Singh 82-93
Efficient Exponential Estimators of Population Mean in Survey Sampling PDF
Etebong P. Clement 94-106
L-Fuzzy A-Ideals of MV-modules PDF
Mahmood Bakhshi 107-119