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2012, Volume 15, Issue Number 2 A Study on Best Approximation Elements in Normed Spaces Abstract
Sahar Mohamed Ali Abo Bakr
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 2 A Study on Irregular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graphs Abstract
Hossein Rashmanlou, Mostafa Nouri Jouybari, S. Firouzian, P.K. Kishore Kumar
2012, Volume 14, Issue Number 1 A Study on the Effect of Time Delayed Removal during an Accidental Release: Estimation of Crosswind Integrated Concentration with Eddy Diffusivity Abstract
Manju Agarwal, Vivek Joseph
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 3 A Theorem on Degree of Approximation of Fourier Series of A Function of Lipschitz Class by Product Means Abstract
R. Ch. Padhy, B. P. Padhy, P. N. Samanta, M. Misra, U. K. Misra
September 2010, Volume 8, Number S10 A time-stepping for incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Abstract
A. Elakkad, S. Alami, A. Elkhalfi, N. Guessous
2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 4 A Two Parameter Ratio-Product-Ratio Estimator for Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information In Systematic Sampling Abstract
Surya K. Pal, Housila P. Singh, Anita Yadav
2011, Volume 11, Number J11 (Special Volume) A Web Services Composition with BPEL for Satellite-Based Land Surface Temperature Estimation Abstract
Cristina (Gherghina) Serban, Carmen Maftei, Alina Barbulescu
November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08 A Weighted Ostrowski-Gruss Type Inequality for Twice Differentiable Mappings and Applications Abstract
A. Qayyum
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 4 About a predator-prey model with stage structure for the prey Abstract
Mohamed Ghouali, Rachid Bebbouchi
2011, Volume 11, Number J11 (Special Volume) About the Diophantine Equation x^4 − q^4 = py^r Abstract
Diana Savin
June 2010, Volume 7, Number J10 Absorbing maps and Fixed Point Theorem in Probabilistic Metric Spaces using implicit relation Abstract
Abhay S. Ranadive, Anuja Chouhan
2013 Volume 21, Issue Number 4 Accurate and Efficient Implementation of Block Hybrid Method for Solving Special Second Order Ordinary Differential Equations Abstract
Y.A. Yahaya, A.M. Sagir
2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 3 Adaptive Real-Time Resource-Aware Data Stream Clustering Algorithm Abstract
WANG Xiao-ni
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Additivity of Jordan Elementary Maps on Nest Subalgebrasof Factor von Neumann Algebras Abstract
Aili Yang
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 Adomian Decomposition Sumudu Transform Method for Solving Fully Nonlinear Fractional Order Power-Law Fin-Type Problems Abstract
Trushit Patel, Ramakanta Meher
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 1 Aggregation Method for Gene Mining Based on Mutual Information Network Abstract
Hongjuan Zhao, Qingyun Wang, Bo Li, Qizhi Fang
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 1 Almost Unbiased Estimation Procedures of Finite Population Mean Under Non-Response in Sample Surveys Abstract
G. N. Singh, S. Suman, M. Khetan
2011, Volume 10, Number M11 (Special Volume) An antiplane contact problem for electro-viscoelastic materials with long-term memory Abstract
Mohamed DALAH
November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08 An Association Scheme Constructed from the Mc-Laughlin Graph Abstract
Pratima Panigrahi
2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 2 An Asymmetric Probability Model for Circular data: Wrapped Erlang distribution with Application to Blue Periwinkles Abstract
S. Roy, M. A. S. Adnan, K. Sultana
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 4 An Ecological Model of Mutualism Interaction between Two Species and a Predator Abstract
Y.Suresh Kumar, N. Seshagiri Rao, K. Kalyani
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 4 An Efficient and Simple Approach to Extract Features for Facial Expression Recognition Abstract
M. V. Jonnalagedda, D. D. Doye
2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 2 An Efficient Method for Devanagari Character Recognition Abstract
B. R. Bombade, D. D. Doye, U. V. Kulkarni
2017 Volume 28, Issue Number 3 An Improved Effective Rotation Patterns Using Successive Sampling over Two-Occasions Abstract
G. N. Singh, M. Khalid
March 2009, Volume 2, Number M09 An Initialization Method for the Bottleneck Transportation Problem Abstract
Francois Dubeau, Oumar Mandione Gueye
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