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2016, Volume: 4, Issue Number: 4 Cooperative Wireless Multihop Networks: A Study Abstract
M. Anugraha, A. Anitha, J. Jaya Kumari
2021, Volume: 18, Issue Number: 1 Create an application for a rating feedback solution for millenials using Knowledge base monitoring Abstract
Pushan Kumar Dutta, Rita Karmakar
2016, Volume: 10, Issue Number: 10 Cross Docking - the New Mantra for Virtual Warehousing in Effective Supply Chain Management Abstract
Ram Krishnan .S, B.Chandrachoodan Nair
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 1 Design and Performance Analysis of FIR Filtering Operations on Speech Signal Using Windowing Techniques Abstract
P. Kannan, J. Hermus Mary Shifani
2016, Volume 2, Issue Number: 2 Design of an Intrusion Detection and Prevention System Inspired Immune Systems Abstract
2021, Volume: 18, Issue Number: 2 Design of H-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna Based on Six Layers for the Thyroid Gland Cancer Cell Detection Abstract
Mohammad Zainuddin, Achmad Noercholis
2016, Volume: 13, Issue Number: 13 Design of Square Root Carry Select Adder to Achieve Low Power Consumption Abstract
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 3 Designing and Implementation of eLearning in Mathematics Subject for Students Computer Science Program Abstract
T.D. Andini, S.N. Afiyah, V.A. Fitria
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 3 Designing the ANPR Pipeline using State of the Art Techniques Abstract
Arshad Sultan, Ashish Kumar Sharma, Ashutosh Jha, Nitish Kumar, Vishnu Kumar Jakhoria
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 Detection and Tracking for Moving Objects Using Feature Extraction Algorithm in Video Abstract
Pawan Kumar Mishra, G.P. Saroha
2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1 Detection of Microcalcifications in Digitized Mammograms Based on Bootstrap Classical Machine Learning Method Abstract
W. Jai Singh, S. Devaarul
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 4 Differential Games – A Stochastic Approach Abstract
Ambi P. Nagwai, Semiu O. Oladejo
2016, Volume: 11, Issue Number: 11 Disaster Management - Causes, Preventions and Suggestions Abstract
M. C. Shibin Tad, K. A. Janardhanan
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 Ecological Awareness and Eco-Sensitivity in India’s Technological Development: A Contemporary Insight Abstract
Luke Gerard Christie, Gajendra Kumar
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 2 Economic Crisis Modeling: Data Based Approach to Generalize Effect of A Crisis Abstract
Anuj Maurya, Chaitali Bansal, Shivani Singh, Sushmita
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