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2016, Volume: 10, Issue Number: 10 Identification of Breast Tumours by Wavelet Based Adaptive Windowing Technique with Statistical Features Using Back Propagation Neural Network Abstract
G.Bharatha Sreeja, P. Rathika, D. Devaraj
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 1 IF, P = NP Abstract
Andri Lopez
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 Image Denoising by BM2D Using Affine Transformation Abstract
V. Rabila, G. Bharatha Sreeja
K. Manimala, N. Chitra
2016, Volume: 4, Issue Number: 4 Image Transmission Security: A Study Abstract
P. S . Sahina, K. S . Viji
2021, Volume: 18, Issue Number: 2 Impact of Meltdown and Spectre on CPU Manufacture Security Issues Abstract
Roza Dastres, Mohsen Soori
2016, Volume: 3, Issue Number: 3 Implementation of 2bit Barrel Shifter Using Two Phase Clocked Adiabatic Static CMOS Logic (2PASCL) Abstract
K. Srinivasarao, Gaurav Sharma
2016, Volume: 5, Issue Number: 5 Implementation of a TCP Protocol for Cognitive Radio Adhoc Network Abstract
C. Tamilarasi, G. Shine Let, G. Josemin Bala
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 1 Improved Class of Chain Type Estimators for Product of Two Population Means Using Two Auxiliary Characters in The Presence of Non-Response Abstract
B.B. Khare, Utkarsh, Supriya Khare
2016, Volume 2, Issue Number: 2 Improvement of Detection and Tracking of Movement Abstract
Khaled HAMMAMI, Salim HENI, Mohamed ATRI
2016, Volume: 6, Issue Number: 6 Integrating Geospatial Technology with Models and Warning Systems for Landslide Mitigation: An Analysis Abstract
Urvashi Meena, Vipin Chanalia, Pradeep Kumar Garg
2020, Volume: 17, Issue Number: 1 Integrating Honeypots to The Corporate Environment Abstract
Evangelos Hatzinikolaou, Stamatis Mastromichalakis, Spiros Chountasis
2021, Volume: 18, Issue Number: 2 Integration of HTB Mechanism to Solve User Priority Problems on PCQ Bandwidth Management Methods Abstract
Y. S. Putra, F. S. Mukti, M. T. Indriastuti
2016, Volume 2, Issue Number: 2 Interactive Image Segmentation with Minimum Intensity Variation based Region Merging Abstract
Pramod Kumar Sethy, Sajan Kor
2017, Volume: 14, Issue Number: 2 Internet of Things Connected Smart Farm Solutions for Sustainable Agro-ecological and Rural Development Abstract
Dheerendra Singh Gangwar, Sanjeev Tyagi
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