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2016, Volume: 3, Issue Number: 3 Contrast Enhancement of Satellite Images Using Advanced Block Based DWT Technique Abstract
S. Oudaya Coumar, V. Vinoth Rosario
2016, Volume: 4, Issue Number: 4 Shape feature Extraction of Cut Leaves in Paddy Abstract
A. Senthil Rajan
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 4 A C++ Program for testing a Matrix For Sparsity and Diagonalization Abstract
A. Kazmierczak
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 3 A Case Study of Modeling, Simulation, and Load Flow Assessment in the Power Distribution Network of Tehran Metro Using ETAP Abstract
Mohammad Ghiasi, Esmaeil Ahmadinia, Ramin Ghiasi
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 4 A comparative Study on age heaping and its quality in three Eritrean Surveys Abstract
Henock Ghebrehiwot Berhe, Kamlesh Kumar Shukla
2016, Volume: 8, Issue Number: 8 A Comparative Study on Nearest-Neighbor Based Outlier Detection in Data Mining Abstract
K. Manoj, K. Senthamarai Kannan, E. Sakthivel
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 2 A Fuzzy Rule based Hybrid Approach for Speckle Reduction in Digital Images Abstract
Ankita Katiyar, S. Vijayakumar, V. Santhi
2016, Volume: 5, Issue Number: 5 A Hybrid Approach on Uncompressed Images Using LSB Steganography: S-Tool Abstract
S.A. Arya, Kavya Vinod, A.V Lekshmi, Lydia Rose Thomas, R. Shreelekshmi
2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1 A Hybrid Scheme of DDBTC Encoding and CCF,BPF Extraction for Image Retrieval Process with Relevance Feedback Abstract
M S Meharban, S. Priya
2016, Volume: 3, Issue Number: 3 A Methodological Study on Data Hiding Through Encryption Schemes for Mpeg-Objects Abstract
Sheena Sathyan, R S Shaji
2016, Volume 1, Issue Number: 1 A Modified Artificial Immune Algorithm for Solving Single-Objective Bi-level Optimization Problems Abstract
A.M. Hagras, N.A. Elhefnawy, M.M. El-Sherbiny, M.M. Hadhoud
2020, Volume: 17, Issue Number: 1 A New Approach to Approximation of Factorials Using Elementary Functions Only Abstract
Narinder Kumar Wadhawan , Priyanka Wadhawan
2016, Volume: 13, Issue Number: 13 A Novel Approach for Secure Data Retrieval Using ECC in Decentralized DTN Abstract
S.V. Divya, D. Doney, P. Venkadesh
2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 3 A Novel Automated Time Tabling/Scheduling System for Lectures or Exams Among University Students and Faculties: A Case study Abstract
Abdulhamid Tahir Hamid, Shafiu Muhammad Tahir, Yashwant Mali
2019, Volume: 16, Issue Number: 2 A Novel Differential Chaotic Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation System for Digital Communication System Abstract
A. Jerom Deva Vinolin, K. Madhan Kumar
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