2013, Volume 23, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Imaging Seismic Data Using Inverse Scattering Theory PDF
Kristin Soriano, Theerapan Oonlamom, Bogdan G. Nita 1-9
Iris Image Identification Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Features and FMT-Based Normalization PDF
Behnaz Mazaheri, Hossein Pourghassem 10-21
Uniqueness Algorithm with Diagonal and Anti-diagonal Projections PDF
Tanuja Srivastava, Shiv Kumar Verma 22-31
Numerical results for iterative image reconstruction in half-scan and non-uniform attenuated SPECT PDF
Elie M. Nasr, Hanna N. Greige 32-41
Adaptive Invisible Watermarking Model for Securing Ownership Rights of Digital Images using SIFT features in Bi-orthogonal Wavelet domain PDF
V. Santhi, Arunkumar Thangavelu, P. Arulmozhivarman 42-62
Point and Interval Estimates of IC_50 by Line Approximation PDF
J. Knizek, P. Tomsik, L. Beranek, E. Rudolf, S. Micuda, L. Sucha, M. Razacova 64-73
Curvelet Filters Analysis for Noise Reduction in MRI Images by Using LabVIEW PDF
M. A. Hamdi, M. A. Mrabti 74-87
Kidney Extraction from Ultrasound Images Based on Multi-Scaling and Multi-directional Filters and Shape Model PDF
Ehsan Jokar, Hossein Pourghassem 88-104