2020 Volume 31, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


A Linear Programming Model for Optimal Project Crashing Strategy with Delay Penalty on AOA Project Diagram PDF
Edward Y. H. Lin, Edison J. W. Lin, Yen T. Hoang 1-15
A simple formula and lower bound for doubly even normal magic squares PDF
Robert W. Chen, Ilie Grigorescu 16-26
Integral Equation Formulation for Interest Rate Options PDF
Sequence of Prime Exponents and Compositeness PDF
Simon Davis 51-59
A note on eight-vertex universal quantum gates and a family of non-eight-vertex gates PDF
Arash Pourkia 60-73
An Efficient and Secure Group Key Transfer Protocol based on Linear Secret Sharing Scheme PDF
Shruti Nathani, B.P. Tripathi 74-88
Research on Regional Economic Vitality Based on Factor Analysis PDF
Chengxiang Xu, Xiaoyang Yu, Jiayi Zhang, Zhile Xia 89-118