2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


The Beverton–Holt Equation with Periodic Growth Rate PDF
Martin Bohner, Sabrina Streipert 1-10
Well-Posedness of Optimal Control Problem for the Schrodinger Equations with Complex Potential PDF
Yusuf Koçak, Mustafa Ali DOKUYUCU, Ercan Çelik 11-16
CFD and ANN analysis of non-Newtonian pseudoplastic liquid flow through rough pipe PDF
T. K. Bandyopadhyay, Suman Debnath, Apu Kumar Saha, Mrinmoy Majumder 17-36
Towards the Collapse of Bubbles in a Viscous Liquid PDF
Nail S. Khabeev, A. Karim Alnooh 37-44
Exact Number of Solutions of A Prescribed Mean Curvature Equation PDF
Xiujie Yu, Baoqiang Yan 45-61
Stability in Delay Dynamic Equations by Fixed Point Theory: Linear Case PDF
Mehmet Ünal, Youssef N. Raffoul 62-73
Existence of positive solution for a class of infinite semipositone p-Laplace systems with falling zeros PDF
AKROUT Kamel 74-80
About a predator-prey model with stage structure for the prey PDF
Mohamed Ghouali, Rachid Bebbouchi 81-86
Analysis of Reliability Characteristics of Four Dissimilar Solar Photovoltaic Systems PDF
S. Kabiru, I. Yusuf, U.A. Ali 87-103
A filled function method applied to smooth unconstrained global optimization PDF
Taieb Hamaizia 104-109
A New Method for Investigating a New Class of the Volterra Type Integral Equation with a Boundary Singularity in the Kernel PDF
Nusrat Rajabov 110-124
Role of FDI Inflows in Spurting National Investment in South Asia: Evidences from Panel Data Analysis PDF
Dolly Sunny 125-132
A note on the L^2 boundedness of Marcinkiewicz integral operator PDF
Zhishan Zhang 133-137
Some Properties of a Regular Intuitionistic Fuzzy Graph PDF
M.G. Karunambigai, S. Sivasankar, K. Palanivel 138-146