2015, Volume 26, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Estimation of 3-D frequencies by a New High-Resolution Spectral Analysis method PDF
Youness CHAWKI, Mohammed OUANAN, Brahim AKSASSE 1-9
Color Image Retrieval Based on a two-Dimensional Histogram PDF
EL ASNAOUI Khalid, Brahim AKSASSE, Mohammed OUANAN 10-18
Numerical Modling of Film Condensation In a Vertical Tube by Mixed Convection from No Stationary Flow of Gas-Vapor Mixture PDF
Y. Belkassmi, K. Gueraoui, N. Hassanain 19-29
Face Recognition by Neural Networks based on Gabor filters and Random Projection PDF
Hamid OUANAN, Mohammed OUANAN, Brahim AKSASSE 30-42
Femur 3D Reconstruction from MR images PDF
Psi-entropy inequalities for measurements of Bernoulli and measurements of Gaussian. PDF
Ali Hafidi 52-59
2D and 3D Numerical Modeling of One-Port SAW Resonator using Finite Element Method PDF
S. Maouhoub, Y. Aoura, M. Radouani, B. El Fahime, A. Mir 60-68
Reconstructed Speech signal Based on Signal Model and TSVD Method PDF
E. Abdellaoui Alaoui, S. Agoujil, Y. Qaraai 69-76