2013 Volume 20, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Oscillation Result for a Second Order Impulsive Differential Equation of Mixed Type with Constant Argument PDF
Zhishan Zhang 1-5
Geometrically Deriving Fractional Cross Product and Fractional Curl PDF
Shantanu Das 6-29
Optimization of Shares Portfolio Using Genetics Algorithms and Value at Risk PDF
M. Elhachloufi, Z. Guennoun, F. Hamza 30-39
Method of Conditional Moments Based on Incomplete Data PDF
Yan Lu, Naisheng Wang 40-51
On the Properties of A Parametric Function for Distribution Generated by Levy's Law PDF
Davood Farbod, Korosh Arzideh 52-59
Designing and Selection of Reliability Sampling Plans Based on Minimum Angle Technique PDF
S. Devaarul, V. Jemmy Joyce 60-65
Empirical Comparison of Three Estimators of Collinearity PDF
A. Y. J. Akossou, N. H. Fonton 66-76
Inf-Sup and Condition Number of the Penalty Method for Stokes Problem PDF
F. Z. Nouri 77-83
Impact of Data Structure on the Estimators R-Square and Adjusted R-Square in Linear Regression PDF
A. Y. J. Akossou, R palm 84-93
Micro-structural Roughness of Electrodes Manifesting as Temporal Fractional Order Differential Equation in Super-Capacitor Transfer Characteristics PDF
Shantanu Das, Nimai Chand Pramanik 94-113