September 2010, Volume 8, Number S10

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Table of Contents


Newton method for systems of nonlinear equations with singular Jacobian using diagonal updating PDF
M. Y. Waziri, W. J. Leong, M. A. Hassan, M. Monsi 1-8
Local Asymptotic Stability of Recurrent Diseases PDF
Olawale S. Obabiyi, Alexander Nwagwo 7-17
Test of Significance of Misclassifying First Order Bilinear Processes as Linear Processes PDF
Ohakwe Johnson, Iheanyi S. Iwueze 18-27
Dependent Multi-Dimensional Mixed Sampling Plans by Using Gaussian and Poisson Probability Models PDF
S. Deva Arul, K. Rebecca Jebaseeli Edna 28-38
A time-stepping for incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations PDF
A. Elakkad, S. Alami, A. Elkhalfi, N. Guessous 39-47
A Note on Index Summability of an Infinite Series PDF
U. K. Misra, Mahendra Misra, M. K. Muduli 48-58
Properties of the Buys-Ballot Estimates When Trend-Cycle Component of a Time Series Is Linear: Additive Case PDF
Iheanyi S. Iwueze, Eleazar C. Nwogu, Jude C. Ajaraogu 59-77
An Inventory Model for Product Life Cycle With Defective Items PDF
S. Panayappan, C. Krishnamoorthi 78-87
A constructive proof for Farkas lemma with trapezoidal fuzzy numbers PDF
S. H. Nasseri, M. Arab 88-94
A Note on the Sampling Distribution and a Correction Factor for Range PDF
P. Marimuthu. 95-101
Automatic Polynomial Wavelet Regression for Signals with Non-Gaussian Noises PDF
Alsaidi M. Altaher, Mohd Tahir Ismail 102-113
A revised simplex algorithm for fuzzy number linear programming problems using linear ranking functions PDF
S. H. Nasseri, B. Khabiri 114-126
Recurrence Relations For Moments Of GOS From Marshall-Olkin-Extended Burr XII Distribution PDF
N. A. Mokhlis, Y. Abdel-Aty, M. Mohie El-Din 127-136