2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


A C++ Program for testing a Matrix For Sparsity and Diagonalization PDF
A. Kazmierczak 1-10
Soft Regular Generalized Closed Sets in Soft Minimal Spaces PDF
R. GOWRI, S. Vembu, Jośe Eduardo Sanabria 11-16
An improved Smoothing Method Based on Diffusion Equation and K-means Clustering PDF
Ouhda Mohamed, Ouanan Mohammed, Aksasse Brahim 17-28
Analysis of Blur Removal Using Blind Deconvolution and Non Blind Deconvolution PDF
J. Jelin, G. Bharatha Sreeja 29-37
Connectedness in Ideal Closure Spaces PDF
Lavelling Game to Enhance English Vocabulary of Kindergarten’s Students in Hidayatullah Kindergarten Pringu PDF
Dwija Wisnu B, Nur Lailatul Aqromi, A. Noercholis 48-56
Ordinary Differential Equations of the Probability Functions of the Weibull Distribution and their Application in Ecology PDF
H. I. Okagbue, M. O. Adamu, T. A. Anake 57-78
Knowledge Based Fuzzy Inference System for Income Evaluation of Construction Workers PDF
S. Raman, V. Deneshkumar, M. Manikandan 79-86