Spring 2011, Volume 8, Number S11

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Table of Contents


Numerical Computations of Pollutant Transport in the Nador Lagoon PDF
F. Benkhaldoun, S. Daoudi, I. Elmahi, M. Zenasni 1-8
Treatment and implementation of architectonical forms PDF
M. L. Marquez, A. H. Delgado, A. Kouibia, J. C. Olmo 9-16
A methodology for identification of greenhouse humidity based on Recurrent Radial Basis Functions PDF
Latifa Ezzine, Abdeslam Lachhab, Abdelali Eddahhak, Miguel Atencia, Francisco Garcıa-Lagos, Gonzalo Joya, Benachir Bouchikhi 17-24
Some applications of sums of random variables in non-life insurance PDF
Mihaela Covrig, Iulian Mircea, Ovidiu Veghes, Radu Serban 25-34
Analysis of Semi-Lagrangian Method for Saint-Venant Equations PDF
Mofdi El-Amrani, Mohammed Seaıd 35-45
Modeling of Passive Scalar in a Turbulent Free Jet Under the Coriolis Effect PDF
Factorization R^JR of a skew-Hamiltonian matrix using its Hamiltonian square root PDF
M. Bassour, A. H. Bentbib 55-61
Quasilinear elliptic degenered equations with nonlinearity in the gradient and L^1data PDF
N. Alaa, N. Idrissi Fatmi, M. Pierre 62-69
Absolute continuity of the law of solution to a one dimensional backward sde’s PDF
Lanjri Zaıdi, M. Benabdallah 70-77
Div-rot interpolating variational splines in Sobolev space PDF
A. Kouibia, M. Pasadas 78-85