2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Application of the Variational Iteration Method and the Homotopy Perturbation Method to the Fisher Type Equation PDF
Mohsen Soori, S. Salman Nourazar, Akbar Nazari-Golshan 1-9
Effects of Joule Heating and Viscous Dissipation on MHD Viscous Fluid Flow past a Porous Stretching Surface PDF
S. K. Ghosh, J. C. Misra 10-22
KT-G-invexity in multiobjective programming PDF
T. Antczak, M. Arana-Jimenez 23-39
Impact of luminal flow on mass transport through coronary arteries : a study relevant to drug-eluting stent PDF
Ramprosad Saha, Sarifuddin, J. C. Misra, Prashanta Kumar Mandal 40-58
Augmented Local Binary Patterns for Facial Expression Recognition PDF
M. V. Jonnalagedda, D. D. Doye 59-68
New generalized (G' or G) -expansion method in investigating the traveling wave solutions to the typical breaking soliton and the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equations PDF
Md. Nur Alam, Y.A. Stepanyants 69-82
Comparison of Hybrid Contrast Algorithm for Medical Images with Edge Enhancement and Segmentation PDF
B. Ganesan, G. Yamuna 83-97
A Method for Facial Recognition Based On Local Features PDF
K. Srinivasa Reddy, V. Venkata Krishna, V.Vijaya Kumar 98-109
A Minimal Phase-lag RKN for Special Second Order IVPs PDF
S. O. Imoni, M. N. O. Ikhile 110-119
Application of modified Adomian decomposition method for solving higher order boundary value problem PDF
Hardik S. Patel, Ramakanta Meher 120-131
Gauss-Newton Method for Feedforward Artificial Neural Networks PDF
Muhammad Hanif 132-147
Estimation of Population Median in Successive Sampling PDF
H.S. Jhajj, Harpreet Kaur, Puneet Jhajj 148-157