2015 Volume 26, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Global behaviour of a food chain model consisting of two different predator species PDF
Nijamuddin Ali, Santabrata Chakravarty 1-19
Linear Maps Preserving Idempotents on Nest Subalgebras of Factor von Neumann Algebras PDF
Aili Yang 20-26
A Class of Ratio cum Dual to Ratio Estimator of Finite Population Mean in Presence of Non-Response PDF
W. Warseen Chanu, Bhupendra Kumar Singh 27-35
Some Improved Estimators for Population Mean in Double Sampling PDF
G. N. Singh, A. K. Sharma 36-45
Adaptive Real-Time Resource-Aware Data Stream Clustering Algorithm PDF
WANG Xiao-ni 46-51
On the performance of focus measures with application to Multifocused Image Fusion PDF
K. Kannan 52-61
k-Hypergeometric Power Series Functions and Negative Moments PDF
Shahid Mubeen, Abdur Rehman, Munir Ahmad 62-71
Finite Difference Method for a Singularly Perturbed Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Condition PDF
Mustafa Kudu, Gabil M. Amiraliyev 72-79
On Some Properties of Certain New Subclasses of Analytic Functions De.ned by Using the Subordination Principle PDF
Rabha M. El-Ashwah, Alaa H. Hassan 80-97
Dynamic Analysis of Damped Driven Pendulum using Laplace Transform Method PDF
M. C. Agarana, O. O. Agboola 98-109