2012, Volume 17, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


Evolution of Temporal Fractional Derivative due to Spatial Stochastic Disorder in Transport Phenomena PDF
Shantanu Das 1-20
The Deformation Retract and Topological Folding of Chaotic Schwarzchild Space PDF
A. E. El-Ahmady, G. M. Bahaa, F. A. Abd El-Salam 21-33
A Score Level Fusion Approach for a Multimodal Biometric Identification System Using Ear and Palmprint PDF
Ava Tahmasebi, Hossein Pourghassem 34-45
Regular Generalized Gamma-Closed Sets in Topological Spaces PDF
A. I. EL-Maghrabi, A. M. Zahran 46-63
On restricted edge connectivity of generalized permutation graphs PDF
Tiedan Zhu, Jianping Ou 64-67
Formation of Fractional Derivative in Time due to Propagation of Free Green’s Function in Spatial Stochastic Disorder Field for Transport Phenomena PDF
Shantanu Das 68-92
A Study of Systems of Nonlinear Delay Integral Equations by using the Method of upper and lower solutions PDF
Abdellatif Sadrati, Abderrahim Zertiti 93-102
The Expected Value of the product of the sum of random variables PDF
Aludaat Khaled, Mahrous Ahmed 103-115