2013 Volume 19, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Fourth-order family of iterative methods with four parameters PDF
S. K. Khattri, D. K. R. Babajee 1-10
Basis Conversion in Composite Field PDF
I. Muchtadi-Alamsyah, F. Yuliawan 11-17
Weibull Distribution and Square Root Transformation PDF
J. Ohakwe, J.U. Okeke, C.A. Nwosu, D.F. Nwosu 18-26
Construction of ternary orthogonal arrays from sum-invariant balanced arrays PDF
Kishore Sinha, Somesh Kumar, A. Ghosh 27-33
On Degree of Approximation of Fourier Series by Product Means PDF
B. P. Padhy, Banitamani Mallik, U.K. Misra, Mahendra Misra 34-41
Fractional order boundary controller enhancing stability of partial differential wave equation systems with delayed feedback PDF
Shantanu Das 42-59
Quantitative trading strategy based on Fuzzy control model regulation PDF
F. I. Khamlichi, R. Aboulaich, A.E. El Mrhari 60-71
Mechanism of Wave Dissipation via Memory Integral vis-à-vis Fractional Derivative PDF
Shantanu Das 72-83
Improved Generalized Interval Arithmetic PDF
Hassan El-Owny, A.E.A. Elaraby 84-93
Spacelike Curves on Spacelike Parallel Surfaces in Minkowski 3-space E^3_1 PDF
Sezai Kızıltuğ, Yusuf Yaylı 94-105
Optimal Control for n X n Coupled Parabolic Systems with Control-Constrained and Infinite Number of Variables PDF
G. M. Bahaa, Fatemah El-Shatery 106-118