2012, Volume 16, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


On certain generalizations of q-hypergeometric functions of two variables PDF
Thomas Ernst 1-27
A New Algorithm for the Approximation of Initial Value Problems PDF
Adel N. Boules 28-39
Partitioning the Total Chi-Square Statistic for Matched Dichotomous Data PDF
C .A. Oyeka, E. O. Afuecheta, G. U. Ebuh, C. C. Nnanatu, H. O. Obiora-Ilouno 40-50
Interval Oscillation Behavior of Second Order Nonlinear Differential Equations with Distributed Deviating Arguments PDF
E. M. Elabbasy, M. Y. Barsom, F. S. AL-dheleai 51-69
Analytical Treatment of the Satellite Motion in a Resisting Medium PDF
F. A. Abd El-Salam, S. E. Abd El-Bar, A. E. El-Ahamdy 70-79
Weak and strong forms of Gamma- irresoluteness PDF
A. A. Nasef, A. I. El-Maghrabi 80-91
On some second order integrodifferential equation on time scales PDF
Deepak B. Pachpatte 91-100
JELS Model with Fuzzy Costs and Deterministic Demand in One Vendor–One Customer Situation PDF
Salma Haque 101-115
Geographically Weighted Ordinal Logistic Regression Model PDF
Purhadi, M. Rifada, S. P. Wulandari 116-126