June 2010, Volume 7, Number J10

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Table of Contents


Solving linear Fredholm integral equations of the second kind using Newton divided difference interpolation polynomial PDF
Azedine. Rahmoune, Mostefa. Nadir 1-6
Numerical-Analytical Method for Finding Periodic Solutions of the Impulsive Differential Equations with Spline Functions PDF
Haydar Akca, Valery Covachev, Kumud Singh Altmayer 7-12
New analytical solutions of the Wick type stochastic mKdV equation PDF
Zeid I. A. Al-Muhiameed 13-21
Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Distribution Generated by Cauchy Stable Law PDF
Davood Farbod, Malihe Ebrahimpour, Zohreh Ghayourmoradi 22-28
Finite Group with Two Generators for Which Being of Odd Prime Form PDF
N. G. EI-Sharkawy, S. F. EI-Hadidi 29-40
On the Levelt’s Theorem PDF
Lotfi Saıdane 41-47
Note on Generating Orthogonal Polynomials and Their Application in Solving Complicated Polynomial Regression Tasks PDF
J. Knizek, Petr Tichy, Ladislav Beranek, Jan Sindelar, Borivoj Vojtesek, Pavel Bouchal, Rudolf Nenutil, Ondrej Dedik 48-60
Multitaper Multidimensional Spectral Estimators For A Discrete Time Process With Missed Obsevations PDF
M. M. Mohie El-Din, A. A.M. Teamah, H. M. Faied 61-72
On A Class of Transformed Ratio and Product Estimators of Finite Population Mean Under UPS Scheme PDF
P. R. Dash, G. Mishra 73-79
Dynamical behavior of leptospirosis disease and role of optimal control theory PDF
Gul Zaman 80-92
Absorbing maps and Fixed Point Theorem in Probabilistic Metric Spaces using implicit relation PDF
Abhay S. Ranadive, Anuja Chouhan 93-101
Volatility Computational in Financial Time Series Data Based on Wavelet Transforms PDF
S. Al Wadi, Mohd Tahir Ismail, Samsul Ariffin Addul Karim 102-113
Selecting a Good Enough Simulated Design with Opportunity Cost PDF
Mohammad H. Almomani, Rosmanjawati Abdul Rahman 114-124
Metro Domination in Graphs PDF
P. Raghunath, B. Sooryanarayana, B. Siddaraju 125-136