December 2009, Volume 5, Number D09

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Table of Contents


Short Intervals with Square Products PDF
Chaogui Zhang 1-7
Differential Transformation Method to Obtaining the Exact Solitary- Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Dispersive K (m, n) Equations PDF
Esmail Hesameddini, Habibolla Latifizadeh 8-17
On Set Indexer Number of Complete K-Partite Graphs PDF
Ullas Thomas, Sunil C. Mathew 18-28
Infinite Family of Generalized Golden Ratios PDF
Mohammed Yahdi 29-32
Evolutionary Differential Based on Poincaré Section PDF
Ali Sanayei 33-46
A Hybrid Method for Image Quantization PDF
P. S. Periasamy, S. Athi Narayanan, K. Duraiswamy 47-54
Determination of Lot Size in the Construction of Double Sampling Plans of The Type DSP(0,1) PDF
R. Radhakrishnan, P. Vasanthamani 55-60
Pulsatile Flow of a Dusty Fluid Through Porous Media in an Open Rectangular Channel PDF
K.R. Madhura, B. J. Gireesha, C.S. Bagewadi 61-73
Some results on the independence of events and random variables PDF
H. Samimi, B. Fathi 74-76
CONVERDENSE: Framework of Convergence Summary Graph for Large Numbers of Networks PDF
Ford Lumban Gaol, Belawati Widjaja 77-88
The Proof and Application of Determinant Identities PDF
Ge. Bin, Xu. XinJun 89-97
Dynamics of a Rational Recursive Sequence of Order Two PDF
T. F. Ibrahim 98-105
Remark on Nucleon Sigma-Term Using the Linear sigma Model PDF
T.S.T. Ali 106-111
T. Ramachandran, A. Naseer Ahmed 112-120