November 2008, Volume 1, Number N08

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Table of Contents


UHF Aluminum Nitride FBAR Trampoline-Shape Resonators with Gold-Aluminum Electrodes and Silicon Substrate with Through Thickness Vibrations: Computational Performance PDF
Annie Ruimi, Yueming Liang, Robert M. McMeeking 1-12
Limit and uniqueness of the Boubaker-Zhao polynomials single imaginary root sequence PDF
T.G. Zhao, Y.X. Wang, K.B. Ben Mahmoud 13-16
An Association Scheme Constructed from the Mc-Laughlin Graph PDF
Pratima Panigrahi 17-28
On Delta-Asymptotically Equivalent Sequences of Fuzzy Numbers PDF
Ayhan Esi, Ayten Esi 29-35
Degree Preservable Graphs PDF
R. Anitha, K. Sangavai 36-42
Solving differential and integral equations by the Haar wavelet method; revisited PDF
Ulo Lepik 43-52
Sensitivity Analysis in Hyperparasitism with Environmental Fluctuation in Malaria Transmission PDF
Arun Kumar 53-62
A Weighted Ostrowski-Gruss Type Inequality for Twice Differentiable Mappings and Applications PDF
A. Qayyum 63-71
On Diffuse Random Measure PDF
A. Varsei, H. Samimi 72-74
Construction of Six Sigma Repetitive Group Sampling Plans PDF
R. Radhakrishnan, P.K. Sivakumaran 75-83
Haar wavelet method for solving higher order differential equations PDF
Ulo Lepik 84-94
Pseudospectral Chebyshev Approximation for Solving Fourth–Order Boundary Value Proble PDF
M. El-Kady , H. Bakheet, M. Khalil 95-105
A Class of Analytic Functions Defined by Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta Function PDF
S. M. Khairnar, Meena More 106-123
Discrete-Time Analogues of Impulsive Cohen-Grossberg Neural Networks with Transmission Delays PDF
Sannay Mohamad, Haydar Akca, Valery Covachev 124-143