2020, Volume 35, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


Barriers in Cultivation and Marketing of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants in Uttarakhand, India: A Stakeholder Perspective PDF
T. Sharma, J. Chen 1-24
Application of statistical and analytical treatments in the explanation the origin of groundwater chemistry. Case of the Messaad Plateau. South Algerian Steppe Region. PDF
B. E. Rahmani, F. Baali, C. Fehdi 25-42
Dynamics of an SIS Epidemic Model with Double Epidemic Hypothesis PDF
M. Sridevi, B. Ravindra Reddy 43-51
Correlation analysis of the variability of NO2 and PM tropospheric concentrations within the Greater Salento (Italy) before, during and after the COVID-19 lockdown PDF
M. Ruberti, L. Romano 52-62
Proximity and confidence in purchasing local food PDF
M. Toukabri, Z. Ghali-Zinoubi 63-77
Dynamical Analysis of an Eco-epidemiological Prey Predator Model with Migration and Vaccination PDF
Dawit Melese, Halefom Kiros 78-104
Lichen Biomass Burnt on Fuel Wood in Dwarahat Region, Kumaun Himalaya PDF
Vijay Arya, Balwant Kumar 105-111