2013, Volume 24, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


The Northern Shift in the Geographical Distribution of the Olive Tree – A Bioclimatic Indicator? PDF
Luca Salvati, Adele Saterian, Andrea Colantoni, Rosanna Di Bartolomei, Luigi Perini, Marco Zitti 1-11
Non linear dynamic analysis of Koyna reservoir evaporation PDF
V. Jothiprakash, T. A. Fathima 12-26
Readiness for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation under uncertain, national circumstances PDF
P. Mbile, F. Stolle, G. Boundzanga, L. Mane, J. Loumeto, M. Homb, S. Ifo, B. Ouissika, B. Tessa, S. Poungui, Gervais Itsoua 27-48
A Simplified Analytical Solution for Predicting Water Table Fluctuation subjected to Variable Recharge and Variable ET in a Sloping Aquifer PDF
Surjeet Singh 49-61
Effects of Disaster-Related Mortality on Gross Domestic Product in Pakistan PDF
B. Sadia, M.A. Bashir, M. Nawaz, K. Zaman 62-80
Social Organization and Sex Ratio among Four Species of Himalayan Pheasants during Breeding and Non Breeding Seasons PDF
Mohammad Shah Hussain, Aisha Sultana 81-94
Exploring the Associations between Recreational Use and Attachment to Neighbourhood Open Space PDF
Bharati Mohapatra, Abdul Razak Mohamed 95-108