2017, Volume: 14, Issue Number: 2

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Modeling and Evaluating the Stress of Two Mechanical Structures in Piping Industry -The Ring Flange and the new Quadra-Sector Flange- PDF
Nour-Eddine M’haouache, Hanaa Hachimi, Safae Assif, Moulay Taib Belghiti 1-18
Construction of Control Chart Using Direct Fuzzy Approach PDF
R. Sasikumar, S.Bangusha Devi 19-32
Optical Character Recognition of Tamil characters based on DCT features using SVM and Neural Network PDF
T. Ganesh, Niranj Jyothish 33-40
Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy (LEACH) Protocol: A Retrospective Analysis PDF
N.G. Palan, B.V. Barbadekar, Suhas Patil 41-58
Big Data and NoSQL system for Control Systems PDF
Yousef FARHAOUI 59-63
Internet of Things Connected Smart Farm Solutions for Sustainable Agro-ecological and Rural Development PDF
Dheerendra Singh Gangwar, Sanjeev Tyagi 64-71