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Big Data and NoSQL system for Control Systems



Exabytes of data are created everyday based on the generated user information over Internet. Social networks, mobile devices, emails, blogs, videos, banking transactions and others, are now establishing a new channel between the brands and their audiences. While collecting, these data are used by specific applications to provide services like real-time alarms, graph evolutions, etc. Later, these huge data are just archived, so many users hope to use them in Data Mining. However, these huge data cannot easily handled since the most of CS systems are relational, and an adjustment is needed before any processing. With emergence of Big Data, new NoSQL systems come to deal with this relational data issue. So, we propose an approach to migrate historical CS data from relational to NoSQL system, and use a distributed environment containing many nodes. As experimentation, we migrate data generated by an oil and gas CS to an approriate distributed NoSQL system, and we perform some data mining experiments on them in order to compare results and prove the obtained performance.

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