2020, Volume 33, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


An Integration of Soil Spectral and radon Measurement for Microseepage Analysis on Onshore Hydrocarbon Field in Indonesia PDF
T. M. Susantoro, H. L. Setiawan, K. Wikantika, A. Saepuloh, A. H. Harsolumakso 1-13
Fraclet Based Deblurring Method Implemented on Pandaboard (Rev A6) PDF
S. Saini, R. Kapoor, M. K. Saini 14-24
A New Closed-form Approximation for the Skew Normal Distribution with Applications PDF
Idowu O. Ayodeji 25-40
A comparison of the rates of convergence for extremes under nonlinear normalization PDF
Bouchra Labloul, Mohammadine Belbachir, Saad el Ouardirhi 41-52
Reconfigurable on Board Diagnostics for Vehicular Management PDF
G. Nirmala Priya, Kannan G 53-62
Formulating Intelligent Solution for handling Humanitarian Crises using Information Re-Engineering Techniques PDF
O. T. Jinadu, B. Badeji-Ajisafe 63-71
Division Algorithm to Search for Monic Irreducible Polynomials Over Extended Galois Field GF(pq) PDF
Sankhanil Dey, Ranjan Ghosh 72-80