2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Statistical Estimation of Interface-boundary Shapes from Electrical Impedance Tomographic Measurements PDF
Robert G. Aykroyd, Brian A. Cattle, Robert M. West 1-18
Determining of Temperature Working Mode for Solenoids of Magnetic System Prototype for Wireless Endoscopic Capsule PDF
D.М. Mikhaylov, Т.R. Khabibullin, G.N. Lebedev, А.F. Shayako, А.О. Pasko, I.G. Bulychev, P.M. Tolstaya 19-31
Optimized PHOG and KNN for Robust Frontal Facial Expression Recognition against Occlusion PDF
P. Moallem, Sh. Shokrani, M. Habibi 32-47
Fuzzy based Roughness Feature for Image Classification and Segmentation PDF
G. Murugeswari, A. Suruliandi 48-63
Feasibility of Ultra-High-Resolution Photon Counting Gamma Camera System with Different Types of Filtered Backprojection: Monte Carlo Simulation Study PDF
Kyuseok Kim, Ho Chul Kim, Sunghoon Choi, Byungdu Jo, Myung Seok Yoo, Hyunho Lee, Woo-Ho Shin, Yougnjin Lee 64-74
Skin Lesion Classification from Dermoscopy Image using Structural Features and Random Forest PDF
H.R. Javadi, H. Pourghassem 75-91
Gamma-Probe Based on Scintillation Crystal and Silicon Photomultipliers for Cancer Detection PDF
G.N. Lebedev, A.K. Yagnyukova, A.M. Tolstaya, I.G. Bulychev 92-103
Spatial Weighted Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Based Principal Component Averaging Image Fusion PDF
R. Vijayarajan, S. Muttan 104-113