2013, Volume 22, Issue Number 1

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Special Issue on Information and Communication Technology [Guest Editor-in-Chief: S. Ramakrishnan]

Table of Contents


Preface to the Special Issue on Information and Communication Technology PDF
S. Ramakrishnan 1-3
Fuzzy Takagi Sugeno System Optimization using Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization and Tabu Search Learning Algorithm PDF
N. Talbi, K. Belarbi 4-16
Gender factor suppression for Bangla ASR PDF
Foyzul Hassan, Mohammed Rokibul Alam Kotwal, Suman Ahmmed, BKM Mizanur Rahman, Tasneem Halim, Mohammad Nurul Huda 17-34
Aligned-PSNR (APSNR) to Improve Accuracy of Conventional PSNR for Video Stream over Wireless and Mobile Network PDF
Herman ., Azizah Abdul Rahman., Yoanda Alim Syahbana. 35-46
Speech Synthesis Component Design for VUI Systems: A Case of Tone Languages PDF
M. E. Ekpenyong 47-62
Fuzzy-Neural MIMO Channel Modeling using Application Specific Membership and Inference Rule Generation PDF
Kandarpa Kumar Sarma, Abhijit Mitra 63-72
Mining Pattern from Road Accident Data: Role of Road User’s Behaviour and Implications for improving road safety PDF
Tibebe Beshah, Dejene Ejigu, Ajith Abraham, Vaclav Snasel, Pavel Kromer 73-86
Standardising Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Diagnostics Results of Hepatitis Patients PDF
O.U. Obot, S.S. Udoh 87-98
A New Intelligent Methodology for Brain EEG Signal Classification for Person Identification in a Biometric Security System PDF
Howida AbdelFattah Shedeed 99-111
Constructing Intrinsic Image Signatures by Random Downsampling and Differential Mean-Median Information PDF
Kannan Karthik 112-144