Summer 2011, Volume 17, Number S11

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Table of Contents


Data recovering problem using moments theory and applications to some inverse problems PDF
Amel Ben Abda, Lamia Jaafar belaid, Abdeljalil Sakat 1-16
Three-Dimensional Seismic Attenuation Structure of Mt. Guntur, West Java, Indonesia PDF
A. Priyono, G. Suantika, S. Widiyantoro, A. D. Nugraha 17-28
A PSO Based Approach to Image Reconstruction from Projections PDF
Narender Kumar, Tanuja Srivastava 29-38
Limit law for maxima of random variables in the domain of attraction of the Gumbel law PDF
AZZAT My Hanafi, Belbachir MOHAMMADINE 39-45
Image Concentration Profile Generation for Solids Flow in Conveyor Pipeline PDF
M. F. Rahmat, M. D. Isa, U. U. Sheikh, T.A Raja Hussin, N. S. Kamaruddin, M. Elmajri 46-58
Fast Multipole Techniques for a Mumford-Shah Model in X-Ray Tomography PDF
Elena Hoetzl, Guenther Of, Wolfgang Ring 59-71
Positive and Negative Expressions Classification Using the Belief Theory PDF
Khadoudja Ghanem, Alice Caplier 72-87