2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


Recursive estimation of the distribution function with functional data for strong mixing data. PDF
Mohamed Mehdi Hamri, Latifa Keddani, Mustapha Meghnafi, Abbes Rabhi 1-16
Estimation of extreme quantiles for non stationary Gumbel models in the case of non linear normalization PDF
G. C. Okou, K. K. Keita, A. Kamagaté 17-32
Modeling Sexual Activities Among Students; A Global Analysis PDF
Gabriel O. Fosu, Emmanuel Akweittey, Evans K. Mensah 33-38
Complete Convergence for Acceptable Partial sums with Application to Autoregressive Model AR(1) PDF
Ikhlasse Chebbab, Samir Benaissa 39-45
L-fuzzy ideals in a skew lattice PDF
Mahmood Bakhshi, Mohadese Nazifi 46-54
Effect of nonlinear harvesting on a prey-predator ecological system with Monod-Haldane functional response PDF
Nurul Huda Gazi, Md. Reduanur Mandal, Sahabuddin Sarwardi 55-66
A fixed point theorem for two pairs of mappings without the notion of limit of sequence in G-metric spaces PDF
Valeriu Popa, Dan Popa 67-75
Solution of the Black-Scholes Partial Differential Equation for the Vanilla Options via the Reduced Differential Transform Method PDF
S.E. Fadugba, J.T. Okunlola 76-85