2019 Volume 30, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Dynamically Consistent Euler Scheme for Computer Virus Model under Human Intervention PDF
S.N. Afiyah, A. Junikhah 1-7
Qualitative Study of Trypanosomiasis Dynamics with Optional Control PDF
Sangotola Adekunle Oluseye, O. O. Ugbebor 8-21
Numerical Solution of Pantograph-Type Delay Differential Equations using Variational Iteration Method with Mamadu-Njoseh Polynomials PDF
I. N. Njoseh, A. Musa 22-31
A New Approach for a Multiphase Flow Problem PDF
F. Z. Nouri 32-42
Nonparametric local linear estimator of the conditional hazard function in the functional single-index model PDF
Torkia Merouan, Boubaker Mechab, Abdelhak Chouaf 43-54
Analysis of customers' impatience in observable single-server Markovian queue with multiple working vacations and vacation interruptions PDF
Amina Angelika Bouchentouf, Abdeljebbar Kandouci 55-70
Initial Value Problems Exactly Solvable by Nonlinear Numerical Schemes PDF
Prem Kumar, Asif Ali Shaikh, Sania Qureshi 71-80
Tikhonov Regularization of a Two-point Boundary Value Problem where the Highest Order Term is Multiplied by a Small Parameter PDF
Sukla Adak 81-93
Two Stage Transportation Problem in Different Types of Fuzzy Environments: An Industrial Case Study PDF
Srikant Gupta, Ahteshamul Haq, Irfan Ali 94-118