2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 4

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Table of Contents


The Curvatures of the Spacelike Bezier Curve with a Spacelike Principal Normal in Minkowski-3 Space PDF
H. Kusak Samancı, S. Çelik 1-10
Performance of QSKSOR Iteration in Solving System of Fredholm Integral Equations of Second Kind PDF
N. Z. F. M. Radzuan, M. N. Suardi, J. Sulaiman 11-19
Soft Multi Regular Generalized Closed Sets in Soft Multi Topological Spaces PDF
R. Gowri, G. Sahithyabharathi 20-29
Modeling and Analysis of the Interaction of Neutral and Radical Populations: A Competing Species Model PDF
A. Kazmierczak 30-39
Truncated Concomitant Information for the Imputation of Missing Values PDF
Muhammed Umair Sohail, Javid Shabbir 40-51
A Two Parameter Ratio-Product-Ratio Estimator for Population Mean Using Auxiliary Information In Systematic Sampling PDF
Surya K. Pal, Housila P. Singh, Anita Yadav 52-62
Twin Primes Conjecture and Two Problem More PDF
Andri Lopez 63-66
Approximation Method for Volterra Integral Equation of the First Kind PDF
Mostefa NADIR, DJAIDJA Noui 67-72
Development of a Simple Bivariate Correlation Model for Nonlinearly-Related Asymmetrically-Distributed Variables PDF
Idowu O. Ayodeji 73-82
A New Subclass of Univalent Functions Defined With Salagean Operator PDF
Gagandeep Singh, Gurcharanjit Singh 83-89