2018 Volume 29, Issue Number 3

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Table of Contents


Synchronization of a Duffing oscillator with a Van der Pol equation under sinusoidal constraints PDF
Tianyi Liu, Jinjun Fan, Shan Xue 1-25
On some Hermite-Hadamard’s inequalities for twice differentiable s-convex functions PDF
Badreddine Meftah, Meriem Merad, Abdourazek Souahi 26-40
A New Rotation Patterns in Successive Sampling Over Two Occasions PDF
Deepak Majhi 41-50
Methods for Estimating and Predicting the General Markov Process on a Banach Space PDF
Belaidi Mohamed, Abderrahmane Yousfate 51-61
On the Solutions of a Class of Nonlinear Singular Elliptic Boundary Value Problems PDF
Sikiru Adigun Sanni, Felix Asuquo Efiong 62-70
A Theorem on Degree of Approximation of Fourier Series of A Function of Lipschitz Class by Product Means PDF
R. Ch. Padhy, B. P. Padhy, P. N. Samanta, M. Misra, U. K. Misra 71-78
Valuation of the European -Style Put Options under Lé́vy Process via the Mellin Transform PDF
S.E. Fadugba, J. T. Okunlola 79-109
A new algorithm to search for irreducible polynomials with decimal equivalents of polynomials over Galois field GF(pq) PDF
Sankhanil Dey, Ranjan Ghosh 110-137