2016 Volume 27, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Dynamical interaction between input data and simple insertion sort algorithm PDF
Dominik Strzałka 1-23
Additivity of Jordan Elementary Maps on Nest Subalgebrasof Factor von Neumann Algebras PDF
Aili Yang 24-31
On the Homotopy Perturbation Method for the Exact Solution of Fitzhugh–Nagumo Equation PDF
S. Salman Nourazar, Mohsen Soori, Akbar Nazari-Golshan 32-43
Application of the exp(-Φ(η)) expansion method for solving nonlinear TRLW and Gardner equations PDF
M. G. Hafez, M. Y. Ali, M. K.H. Chowdury, M. A. Kauser 44-56
Some new estimations of diagonally dominant degree and eigenvalue inclusion sets for the Schur complement of block diagonally dominant matrices PDF
Feng Wang 57-73
The Image Curves on Surfaces at a Constant Distance from the Edge of Regression on a Surface of Revolution PDF
A. Çakmak, Ö. Tarakcı 74-85
Aggregation Method for Gene Mining Based on Mutual Information Network PDF
Hongjuan Zhao, Qingyun Wang, Bo Li, Qizhi Fang 86-94
M[x]/G/1 Retrial Queue with Two Phases of Service, Bernoulli Vacation and Server Break Down PDF
M. Jeeva, E. Rathnakumari 95-106