2013 Volume 18, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Study of fractional resolution in a quadrupol ion trap supplied with a periodic impulsional potential form PDF
S. Seddighi Chaharborj, Z. A. Majid, I. Fudziah 1-6
Generalization of Superiority of Fuzzy Controllers over Mathematical Modeling of EEG Signals PDF
P. N. Kamble, S. C. Mehrotra, M. B. Dhakne 7-19
The Approximation of the Cumulative Distribution Function of Gamma PDF
Aludaat Khaled, Mahrous Ahmed 20-27
On the growth and fixed points of meromorphic solutions of second order non-homogeneous linear differential equations PDF
Maamar Andasmas, Benharrat Belaϊdi 28-45
Operations on graphs and folding of some special graphs PDF
E.M. El-Kholy, El-Said R. Lashin, S. N. Daoud 46-55
On Gamma-Generalized Continuous Maps in Topological Spaces PDF
A.I. El-Maghrabi 56-66
A fuzzy production inventory model with imprecise production and fuzzy production time under mλ-measure PDF
Nita A. Shah, Hardik A. Soni, Kamlesh A. Patel 67-84
Some properties of star generalized preclosed sets in topological spaces PDF
A.I. El-Maghrabi, N. M. AL-Ahmadi 85-97
Geometric Approaches of projection Theory in Three Dimensional Euclidean spaces PDF
Sahar Mohamed Ali 98-110
Book Review: Functional Fractional Calculus PDF