2011, Volume 12, Number S11

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Table of Contents


Nonlinear Differential equations and its solution by Rank Matrix method and Power series solution PDF
L. N. Achala, R. M. Bhavya 1-9
Generalized r-Permutation and r-Combination Techniques for k-Inseparable Non-Inclusion Condition PDF
C. Moore, M. Laisin, O. C. Okoli 10-18
Radon – Nikodym Theorem and its Uniqueness of Signed Lattice Measure PDF
D.V.S.R. Anil Kumar, J. Venkateswara Rao, J. Pramada 19-27
Application of Fuzzy Neural Networks to Analyse the Socio Economic Problems Faced By Cotton Mills Workers PDF
S. Narayanamoorthy, P. Shanmugam 28-32
Exact Solution of Highly Nonlinear Boundary Value Problem PDF
L. N. Achala, N. M. Bujurke 33-38
An Inventory model for deteriorating items with on-hand inventory dependent, variable type demand rate PDF
Srichandan Mishra, L. K. Raju, U. K. Misra, G. Misra 39-44
A note on univalent functions with varying arguments PDF
H. N. Kanthalakshmi, L. Dileep, S. Latha 45-51
Solving Trust Region Subproblems With Combination of Cauchy, Newton and Borza Vectors for Unconstrained Optimization Problems PDF
M. Borza, F. Asgari, F. Pidani 52-58
Comparing Value-at-Risk and Tail Conditional Expectation in Shortfall-Constrained Portfolio Selection PDF
Daniel A. Akume 59-70
Duality for Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Programming Involving (Phi, rho)-Invexity PDF
Deo Brat Ojha 71-80
A new family of Newton-type methods with 4m order of convergence for solving nonlinear equations PDF
R. Thukral 81-91
On the Quasi–Static Thermal Stresses in A circular plate PDF
D. T. Solanke, N. A. Patil 92-102
Weingarten Tube Surfaces In 3-Dimensional Minkowski Space PDF
H. S. Abdel-Aziz 103-112
Some Oscillation Results for First Order Basic Partial Dynamic Equation on Time Scales PDF
Deniz Uçar, Yaşar Bolat 113-123
The Application of Spectral SFEM for 3D Systems with Stochastic Operator under Stochastic Excitation PDF
O. M. Galal 123-131