2014, Volume: 35, Issue Number: 4

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Table of Contents


Mathematical Model for population dynamics with Allee effect PDF
Yan-bo Zhang, Hui-jie Yan 1-9
A Quantitative Comparison of Mortality Models: Empirical Evidence PDF
Ranjana Kesarwani 10-21
Connectivity Problem of Wildlife Conservation in Sumatra: A Graph Theory Application PDF
Farida Hanum, Nur Wahyuni, Toni Bakhtiar 22-29
Livelihood Sustainability of Forest Dependent Communities in a Mine-spoiled Area PDF
Narendra Nath Dalei, Yamini Gupt 30-47
Assessment of Impervious Surface Area and Surface Urban Heat Island: A Case Study PDF
Joel N. Kamdoum, Kayode A. Adepoju, Joseph O. Akinyede 48-64
Determination of Willingness to Pay for Entrance fee to National Park: An Empirical Investigation PDF
Debi Prasad Bal, Seba Mohanty 65-73
Determinants of Elephant Crop Raiding around Kakum Conservation Area PDF
Kofi Osei Adu 74-84
Willingness to Pay for Preserving Wetland Biodiversity: A Case Study PDF
M. S. Bhatt, Showkat Ahmad Shah, Aijaz Abdullah 85-99