2019, Volume 34, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Agriculture in the Baltic States; An Empirical Investigation of the Environmental – Economic Performance Relationship PDF
D. Gkika, E. Zafeiriou 1-14
A Mathematical Model to Analyze the Dependence of Biomass on the Concentration of CO2 PDF
Sapna Devi, Nivedita Gupta 15-24
Contamination of Groundwater and Sediments with Heavy Metals Caused by Abundant Mine: A Case Study of Northern Basin of Tebessa, Algeria PDF
S. Ghalmi, CH. Fehdi, F. Baali 25-42
Diversity of Traditional Agroforestry Practices of Sarguja: Implications for Biodiversity Conservation PDF
V.K. Rathia, M.K. Jhariya, D.K. Yadav, A. Banerjee 43-60
Seasonal and Diurnal Variation of Zooplankton in Relation to Physicochemical Parameters of Two Freshwater Pond Ecosystem: A Case Study PDF
Shiboram Banerjee, Arnab Banerjee, Debnath Palit 61-74
International Cooperation on Airborne Forest Fire-Fighting: Opportunities for Turkey and Greece PDF
M. Bal, O. Ozpeynirci, O. Yurt 75-95
Role of Energy Price and Investment in Energy Efficiency Performance of Indian Iron and Steel Sector PDF
S. Haider, R. H. Ganaie, A.K. Tripathi 96-106
Study of Certain Vital Attributes of a Rehabilitation Project at The Dunes Cord of Djelfa –Bousaada in Algeria PDF
N. Guerrache, L. Kadik, S. Akkouche, R. Bouderbala 107-117
Benefits of Random Wave Testing in Shallow Basin Physical Models for Harbor Wave Tranquility Studies PDF
H. B. Jagadeesh, Subba Rao 118-126
Formation of the Environmental Insurance System to Improve the Environmental Safety of the State: The Case of Ukraine PDF
V. Borisova, I. Samohkina, L. Rybina, O. Kobzhev 127-140