2015, Volume 53, Issue Number: 5

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Table of Contents


An Alternative Bayesian Estimator of Small Proportion Using Binomial Group Testing PDF
K. Huang, J. Mi 1-15
Spatio–Temporal Analysis of Inflation Rate in East Java, Indonesia :Vector Autoregressive Approach PDF
E. Sumarminingsih 16-23
MCMC-Based Bayesian Estimation for Next Fault Time of Software Via NHPP and Generalized Exponential Distribution PDF
M. S. Aminzadeh 24-32
Alternative of Strict Avalanche Criterion Test on Block Cipher Using Fisher’s Method PDF
A. A. Lestari, A. Kurnia, F. M. Afendi 33-39
Reduced Support Vector Machine Based on Nonhierarchical Clustering Techniques for Classifying Mixed Large-Scale Datasets PDF
S. Andari, S.W. Purnami 40-46
The Computation of the Abelianization of All Bieberbach Groups of Dimension Five with Symmetric Point Group of Order Six PDF
Y. T. Tan, R. Masri, N. Mohd Idrus, W. N. F. Wan Mohd Fauzi, N. H. Sarmin, H. I. Mat Hassim 47-52
Comparing PLS-SEM and SEM Bayesian for Small Sample in TAM Analysis PDF
M. A. Anggorowati 53-58
Comparing Quasi Newton BFGS and Nelder Mead Algorithm for Box-Cox Transformation PDF
W. P. Saputra, M. A. Anggorowati 59-66
The Effect of Adding FFST on Secondary Flow Characteristics Near Endwall of Asymmetry Airfoil (Case Study of different camber) PDF
Heru Mirmanto, Herman Sasongko, Iis Rohmawati, Ika Nurjannah 67-72
A Homological Functor of the Second Bieberbach Group with Dihedral Point Group PDF
W. N. F. Wan Mohd Fauzi, N. Mohd Idrus, R. Masri, Y. T. Tan, N. H. Sarmin, H. I. Mat Hassim 73-76
Forecasting Electricity Demands in Java-Bali Region using Flexible Forecasting Approach PDF
H. Kuswanto, M. Salamah, F.A. Kusumawati 77-85
Forecasting Long Memory Time Series for Stock Price with Autoregressive Fractionally Integrated Moving Average PDF
Dodi Devianto, Maiyastri, Septri Damayanti 86-95
Optimization of Economic Dispatch Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm PDF
S. Komsiyah, D. Suhartono, M. Astriyanti 96-102
Forecasting the Probability of Default of PN17 Company using KMV-Merton Model PDF
M. Y. Norliza, M. J. Maheran 103-108
Cox Proportional Hazard with Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines to Analyze the Product Sales Time in E-Commerce PDF
E. Irwansyah, D. A. N. O. Stefani, R. D. Bekti 109-115
Hierarchical Forecasting Method Based on ARIMAX and Recurrent Neural Network for Motorcycle Sales Prediction PDF
I. G. S. A. Prayoga, Suhartono, S.P. Rahayu 116-124
Intervention Model Indonesia's Inflation Due to Rising Fuel Prices PDF
S. Rahardiantoro, R. Budiarti, B. Sartono 125-129
Spatial Simultaneous Equation Model: Case Study Empirical Analysis of Regional Economic Growth in Central Java Province PDF
Setiawan, I.S. Ahmad, Sutikno 130-139
Application Of Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Multiobjective Linear Programming For Selection and Evaluation Of Suppliers PDF
S. Komsiyah 140-145
Can Gold Be Used As a Hedge or Safe Haven for Equity and Exchange Rate? PDF
N. S. Zainal Abidin, A. H. Nawawi, S. A. Sheikh Hussin, M. A. Mohd 146-152
Modeling Flood and Other Factors Effects on Demand Currency (Outflow) in Jakarta Using Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) PDF
Dwi Endah Kusrini, Suhartono, Rosyid Abdillah, Mukhtasor 153-162
D-Optimal Designs for Morgan Mercer Flodin (MMF) Models Without Intercept PDF
Tatik Widiharih, Sri Haryatmi, Gunardi 163-171
A Comparison Study of Parametric and Semiparametric Bootstrapping in Deterministic Simulation PDF
Elmanani Simamora, Subanar, Sri Haryatmi Kartiko 172-181
Finding Minimum Cantered L2 Discrepancy Values to Construct Uniform Design Tables in GLP Method with Generating Vector PDF
Anwar Fitrianto, Grace Lau ChuiTing, Leong Wah June, Habshah Midi 182-186
An Alternative Identification of Influential points in Cox Proportional Hazards Model PDF
Rebecca Loo Ting Jiin, Anwar Fitrianto, Sohel Rana, Habshah Midi 187-191
Robust feasible generalized least squares: A remedial measures of heteroscedasticity PDF
Sohel Rana, Anwar Fitrianto, Khor Wen Jie, Habshah Midi, A.H.M.R. Imon 192-199
Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Relationship PDF
Aniq A. Rohmawati, Khreshna I. A. Syuhada 200-205
Estimating the Parameter of Dynamic Panel Data Model Using Arellano-Bond Method PDF
Widya Irmaningtyas, Dedi Rosadi 206-211
A Gompertz model of the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning questionnaire PDF
J.J. Kiram, J. Sulaiman, S. Swanto, W. A. Din 212-219