2018, Volume: 15, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Survival Analysis and Cox Proportional Hazard; Basic Concepts PDF
Mohanan Geetha Gopisankar 1-13
Improved Class of Chain Type Estimators for Product of Two Population Means Using Two Auxiliary Characters in The Presence of Non-Response PDF
B.B. Khare, Utkarsh, Supriya Khare 14-22
Re-embodying cognition with the same “biases”? PDF
Jordi Vallverdú 23-30
An Exploratory Study to Compare National Informatization Strategies in Agriculture Fields of the U.S. and Korea PDF
Jongtae Lee, Dongwook Kim, Kang Oh Lee, Dae Ho Kim 32-35
Design and Performance Analysis of FIR Filtering Operations on Speech Signal Using Windowing Techniques PDF
P. Kannan, J. Hermus Mary Shifani 36-49
Comparative Study on GaN FET and Si-MOSFET Power Losses for a High-density and High-efficient LED Power Driving circuit PDF
Seonwoo Jeon, Sungwoo Bae 50-55
Canadian experience in development of green economy PDF
Boris Dziura, Marta Vovk, Denys Braga 56-66
Measuring Satisfaction for Each E-Government Implementation Level PDF
Taekyung Kim, Dongwook Kim, Kiju Kim, Dae Ho Kim 67-70