2017, Volume: 14, Issue Number: 1

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Table of Contents


Computation of Kovanic’s Expectedness Distributions with the Help of Parallel Computing – Extended Versions II. - IV PDF
J. Knizek, L. Beranek, P. Bouchal, B. Vojtesek, R. Nenutil, M. Kuba, L. Pavliska, V. Prochazka 1-23
Cluster Based Non-Local Approaches for MR Image de-noising PDF
K. Sugandhi, Farha Fatina Wahid, G. Raju 24-38
Comparative Analysis of Point-based and Silhouette-based Object Identification Techniques PDF
Mayur Rahul 39-49
TackleSpam: A Machine Learning and NLP based Spam Filter PDF
Kartika Rathee, Pranay Mehta, Jyotika Pruthi 50-59
Library Web-Hosting Technology: Using Open Source Content Management System PDF
Beerappa 60-69
A Study of Media, Software Technology and R and D Libraries for Training and Development Trends in Indian Special Libraries PDF
G.R. Rajashekara, B.S. Biradar 70-79
Solar radiation Prediction using fuzzy logic and neural networks PDF
E. Mostafaee Heydarlou, A. Jafarian 80-90