2017, Volume 30, Issue Number 1

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Table of Contents


Breast cancer diagnosis based on curvelet transform and locality sensitive discriminant analysis with reduced feature set PDF
S. Berraho, M. Ait Kerroum, Y. Fakhri 1-20
Device for Remote Control and Monitoring of Blood Pressure PDF
Т.R. Khabibullin, G.N. Lebedev, I.G. Bulychev, A.M. Tolstaya 21-30
Generating Land Use/Land Cover Change Index for Satelite Images Data Verification (Case Study: West Java Province) PDF
R. Virtriana, I. Sumarto, D. Deliar, U.S. Pasaribu 31-44
A Crucial Approach for Image Rectification Based on a Self-Calibrated Camera PDF
I. El batteoui, A. Saaidi, K. Satori 45-60
New 2D Cellular Automata Based Image Encryption Scheme PDF
BalaSuyambu Jeyaram, Rama Raghavan 61-76
Robust color traffic sign recognition algorithm based on steerable pyramid transform and extreme learning machine PDF
S. El Margae, M. Ait Kerroum, Y. Fakhri 77-95
Search for mantle seismic discontinuities beneath northern Kalimantan, central Indonesia: A preliminary result of employing SS precursors PDF
Fahruddin, Sri Widiyantoro, Andri D. Nugraha, Afnimar 96-104
Texture Images Segmentation by Geometric Active Contour Models based on Color and Gabor Features PDF
Abdolnaser Amiryousefi Varnosfaderani, P. Moallem 105-117
Max-Plus algebra-based wavelet transforms and their applications in Compressed Image PDF
Kistosil Fahim, Mahmud Yunus 118-126