2016, Volume 29, Issue Number 2

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Table of Contents


Binary Tomography Reconstruction with Stochastic Diffusion Based on Level-set and Total Variation Regularization PDF
B. Sixou, L. Wang, S. Rit, F. Peyrin 1-26
Performance Evaluation of Global Histogram Equalization technique using Neighbourhood Metrics over Facial Databases. PDF
G. Shree Devi, M. Munir Ahamed Rabbani 27-36
A Content Based Image Retrieval Approach Based On Color and Shape PDF
EL ASNAOUI Khalid, CHAWKI Youness, AKSASSE Brahim, OUANAN Mohammed 37-49
Rising the Quality of Restoring Image with Radon Inverse Transform Basing on Special Approximation Formulas PDF
K.Ya. Kudryavtsev 50-61
Finger Vein Recognition Using Perimeter and PCA PDF
Y. Prayogo, A. Rizal, U. Sunarya 62-68
DWT- SVD Combined Adaptive Watermarking for Digital Images PDF
S. Nandi, V. Santhi, P. Arulmozhivarman 69-79
Comparison of AI-based Models Artificial Neural Network, Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic in Classifying Wetlands Regions in Indonesia PDF
Chairuddin, D. Suwardhi, L. B. Prasetyo, K. Wikantika 80-91
Design and Development of Electrical Resistance Tomography for Crack Detection within Pipelines PDF
Venkatratnam Chitturi, Obay Fares Alashkar 92-101
Multi-Sensor Image Fusion Based on Visual Saliency Detection PDF
Bavirisetti Durga Prasad, Ravindra Dhuli 102-111