Fall 2009, Volume 12, Number F09

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Table of Contents


An algorithm for seismic imaging and amplitude correction derived from scattering theory PDF
Bogdan G. Nita 3-18
Modelling and Simulation of Speech and Speaker Recognition of A Language PDF
Tilendra Shishir Sinha, Gautam Sanyal 19-38
Wave propagation in a waveguide having anisotropic permittivity using method of moments PDF
Arti Vaish, Harish Parthasarathy 39-47
A Local Likelihood-based Level Set Segmentation Method for Brain MR Images PDF
J. Liu, D. Chelberg, C. Smith, H. Chebrolu 48-63
Monthly Reservoir Inflow Modeling Using Time Lagged Recurrent Networks PDF
Alka S. Kote, V. Jothiprakash 64-84
Wavelet-Packet Approach Combined with Linear Discriminant Analysis for Breast Cancer Classification PDF
K. Auhmani, N. Hamdi, M. M. Hassani 85-93
Single Carrier Transmission in Power Line Channels Using Time and Frequency Domain Decision Feedback Equalizations PDF
Mohsen Sheikh-Hosseini, Mohammad Molavi 94-104
Using the Algebra of Hypergraphs for the Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees PDF
Mulia Astuti, Irawati , Intan Muchtadi-Alamsyah, Ahmad Muchlis, Achirul Akbar 105-112
Computer-Aided Diagnosis Applied to Ultrasound Image of Calculi Using Gradient Vector Flow Model PDF
Basavaraj Amarapur, P.K. Kulkarni 113-128